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Written by Marc | 03/04/2017

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We recently published an article on the interesting history of the multinational sports corporation Puma. Well, as it turns out both Puma and Adidas have an intimately entwined history. After the German brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler began having personal issues, the siblings split with Rudolf going his own way and ultimately forming the billion-dollar sporting company Puma (the history of which you can read here). Funnily enough, it also turns out his brother Adi didn’t do too bad for himself either following their quarrels.

In 1949, Adi also decided to rekindle the shoe business from his earlier years which he began with Rudolf in their mother’s washroom. Aided by a small team of 47 employees, Adi named his new company after himself and thus – in case you haven’t put two and two together yet – Adidas was born 49 years after the identically named man himself. It wasn’t until the ’70s, shortly before Adi’s death, that the classic Adidas Dragon shoe was invented and released to the public. Perhaps one of the more overlooked classics in the Adidas repertoire, the retro Dragon is a little flatter and lighter than the other classics Adidas are known for – shoes which often have a thicker, more cushioned sole and heavier upper lining.

The Dragon stays true to form with the classic three-stripe pattern; the vintage mark of Adidas quality which has been part and parcel of the company since its founding in 1949. However, it wasn’t until the new millennium that the Dragons really spread their wings and soared to popularity eventually becoming a mainstay in popular culture.

The Adidas Dragon remains a favourite to this day, albeit to a lesser extent than other classics of the same brand such as the Gazelle and the Samba. They are, however, a well-rounded shoe and a great option for both casual wear and sporting activities alike. At just under 1kg, they’re a much lighter, thinner and more flexible footwear option for those who want to feel lightning-fast on their feet.

Adidas Dragon are available in a number of materials including the classics, suede and leather. At Mainline Menswear, we have a variety of suede versions on offer which are the perfect option for a light, breathable summer shoe. Be sure to check out our full range.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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