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Written by Marc | 29/08/2017


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When it comes to authenticity and excellent craftsmanship, it seems there is no better modern example than the work of shoemaking brand Oliver Sweeney. If there was one word to encompass Mr Sweeney’s outlook on his work and brand, it would undoubtedly be ‘passion.’ From his interviews, it is crystal clear how much he is concerned with shoes and the intensive amounts of dedication that should go into their craft.

Before founding the business in 1989, Sweeney was working on his shoemaking apprenticeship from only 16 years old. Ever since then, Oliver Sweeney as a brand has been known for its huge success in innovating classic designs and appropriating them for the modern customer.

The secret to their success may therefore be their ‘Anatomical Last,’ a unique tool that mimics the shape and movement of the foot, allowing Oliver Sweeney to create incredibly unique designs, that may appear to mirror classic designs such as the oxford or brogue but are actually imbued with inflexions in their design that grant maximum comfort to whoever should be lucky enough to wear one.

Equally impressive is the drive for authenticity that is so prominent within the Oliver Sweeney branding. You need only wander over to their website to uncover their rich and proud history, where they waste no time at all in boasting their fondness of “Mixing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create shoes that challenge convention without compromising on comfort.”

Oliver Sweeney’s shoes are lovingly crafted in Marche, a region in Italy world-renowned for its shoe-making, with their aim being to create products using the efficiency of factory-based production while still retaining a bespoke-like quality.

Not only does Oliver Sweeney boast high quality in their branding but also a great deal of personality and versatility in their products – producing not only a variety of classic-styled shoes such as their take on the brogue but everything from trainers, slippers and even a somewhat recently introduced extensive clothing line, all of which of course lives up to Oliver Sweeney’s branding as a company embracing both old and new.

The company is also infamous for its ‘Sweeney Tattoo’ service, wherein shoes or boots are lovingly embellished to add an extra measure of personality to what is already sure to be a unique shoe.


Written by Will Palmer

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