How to Dress for the Cinema

Written by Marc | 05/05/2017



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The Cinema Date

So you have finally got that date you have been waiting for, lucky you. Now is your chance to impress and be comfortable, strut your stuff and make it a memorable one.  All you need now is that all important outfit – first impression is key! Whether it’s your first, second or third date, what you wear says a lot. It says if you’re trying to make an effort or if you have just thrown something on (don’t go for the second one).

Even though you are going to be sat in a dark room and not really doing any talking, you have before and after the movie to think about. You want to feel comfortable, you want to have a good time and not worry about what your wearing. If you plan on going for a meal don’t go for light colours in case of any spillages.

Keep it simple – you want to be comfortable and not squash anything. Loose fit jeans would be your best option because no one likes a fidget! You can even go for a nice pair of chinos. Track bottoms are a no! A nice t shirt or polo will keep it casual, if it’s cold you can always wear a zip top/sweatshirt, or even a jacket. Depending on your style you can maybe wear a shirt with a pullover jumper as this can look really smart, but you can also dress it down with jeans.

Instead of smart shoes, try a pair of trainers. One of the latest names to join us at Mainline Menswear is footwear brand ARKK Copenhagen. They are a comfortable, smart casual trainer with small but pleasant detail. Alternatively, the Adidas Gazelles are a nice trainer and not too bulky. If trainers aren’t your thing you could go for loafers or slip on Vans.

With the Lads

If it’s a night with the lads at the cinema and jeans are not your thing, you can still look smart in jogging bottoms. There are lots of styles out there and you can easily keep it smart. Don’t go for bagginess as it doesn’t look good – it looks like you’ve just thrown something on. Opt for slim fit joggers as this makes it look tidy and fresh!

Remember the choice is yours, as long as you’re comfortable and enjoy wearing your clothes and feel good that’s all that matters.

Written by Susie Rowley

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