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Written by Marc | 31/03/2017


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Being able to dress your age can be hard, especially as we get older and our bodies change. However, getting older doesn’t have to mean falling out of fashion and with the right style information, it becomes easier to dress your age.

Regardless of age, style and sophistication don’t always come naturally. It can be hard to find the right balance when mixing and matching colours, especially with the huge variety of graphic t-shirts now available. With this in mind, this article will give you a helping hand when trying to dress your age.

From your late teenage years to your twenties, wearing more basic clothing is your friend; less striking patterns and fewer outrageous colours. A plain white t-shirt goes with anything and PS by Paul Smith does just that whether both dressing up or dressing down. Younger people often think buying oversized clothing will make you look slimmer, when it in fact does the opposite so make sure your t-shirt fits you just right.

Skinny jeans are a definite positive to your look as these are slimming and go with anything. These Levis Line 8 skinny-fit jeans in black compliment any outfit and they can work for any occasion whether formal or casual, so you’re sure to get the best wear out of them. They provide comfort and flexibility with their super stretch properties so you won’t feel restricted and want to take them off after a few hours of wear. If you don’t know the difference between slim-fit and skinny jeans – check out this handy guide.

To finish off this casual outfit, a Levis Sherpa trucker jacket in black (also available in brown) and these Converse Chuck Taylor trainers, also in black. The jacket completes the outfit while Converse are a standard pair of shoes that work well with any outfit and are perfect for this age bracket.

This outfit can also become tailored to smarter occasions, simply add a checked shirt such as this Barbour Castlebay. The darker colour of the shirt comes across as more formal to the eye, particularly when paired with the black jeans as above. For extra formality, wear these Barbour Redcar brogue shoes in brown. The simply styled design on the shoe is much better for a more formal occasion. Overall this is a much smarter look that will still help you look your age.

Going into your thirties can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to fashion. Many men make the mistake of dressing too young for their own sake so this is the time to say goodbye to skinny jeans, and hello to chinos. Chinos are fitting but not overbearingly tight. Original Penguin P55 stretch chino trousers in brown in particular are smart but breathable. They provide you with plenty of room and can be used in formal events, but also work for taking a stroll in the park. In your thirties, it is always recommended you be measured for a well-fitting shirt, that way you will always look your best.

To complement the chinos, a Ralph Lauren Easy Oxford blue shirt is a great choice. Blue is a relaxed colour which keeps the outfit calm and appealing to the eye. For those colder days when it is best to layer up, throw on a Ralph Lauren slim-fit crew neck jumper. The grey compliments both the brown chinos and the blue shirt and creates a sophisticated outfit. By now you’re starting to grow out of converse, but comfy trainers are still a must. Ralph Lauren canvas Ian trainers are two-tone and work well with the colours in this outfit. For a more formal look, go for Oliver Sweeney Lupton Oxford shoes in brown.

When you hit your forties you’ll still want to look your best even though you’re getting older. Again this is an age where you want everything to fit in all the right places. Regular straight-leg jeans are better as although they have a certain element of slim fit, they allow you to be comfortable. Diesel Larkee 00806W jeans are good for the laid-back look and don’t make you look like you’re trying to be twenty years younger.

A staple, a navy short-sleeved polo shirt can go with any outfit and as well as being comfy for staying indoors, it can also be used for a smart casual outfit. The Ted Baker short-sleeved charmen polo t-shirt is a perfect fitted polo shirt that can be worn tucked in or out. Comfortable navy trainers are also a must for this outfit and Fred Perry’s Kendrick Tipped Cuff shoes are perfect for those errands where you need to be light on your feet.

Your fifties onwards are a time in your life when fashion may not be as important, but many of us still want to give a good impression. One simple way to stay stylish in your later years is to have your outfit in one block colour. It is not recommended your whole outfit is the same shade of colour, however; a more tonal look is required. Ted baker Serny slim-fit chino trousers are a good place to start. It is a good idea to start with the colour of your trousers and work your way around your outfit.

A slightly lighter-coloured top from your trouser shade is recommended, so to match the chinos we recommend a Ralph Lauren crew neck pocket t-shirt. In your fifties it is always nice to treat yourself to some new clothing that can help with your style and a statement piece is the way to go. This can often come in the form of a jacket and this Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket in brown will finish off this outfit, its hardwearing leather keeps you in style through the years to come. Finally, a pair of Clarks Originals Desert London Shoes in brown are stylish suede and provide you with long-lasting comfy shoes for your every day to more formal occasions.

Written by Kathryn Waller

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