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Written by Marc | 11/01/2017


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sweatshirtsSweatshirts, jumpers, sweat tops – whatever you want to call them – are a surprisingly versatile yet understated clothing option. They come in a number of styles, ranging from smart pullover jumpers to casual zip-up hoodies and everything in-between. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that they can accommodate almost any occasion, from lounging on the sofa eating pizza to effortless smart-casual outfits perfect for social outings.

Just chillin’


Lounging at home wouldn’t be the same without a comfortable, loose fitted top. Sweatshirts are the perfect choice for such occasions for a number of reasons; not only are they often made of thicker material than your usual t-shirts, but as they’re designed to be worn over button ups or other collared shirts, they’re usually comfortably looser fitting (without being excessively baggy).

Of course, with the recent rise in popularity of joggers and other relaxed clothing items as acceptable casual wear, sweatshirts and jumpers can also be worn when out and about with joggers. Fit is important here, so be sure to go for slim-skinny fit. Anything from hoodies to v-necks can complete the look. Again, unless you’re a fan of the baggy, over-sized ‘I don’t care today’ look (and more power to you if you are) then be sure to get a size that fits your body shape.

Top left: Lyle and Scott Crew Neck Sweatshirt | Top right: Money Grid Build Crew Neck Sweatshirt | Bottom left: Carhartt Yale Hoodie | Bottom Right: Tommy Hilfiger V Neck Jumper

Keeping it casual


One of the more common uses of the classic sweatshirt is the casual look. A step up from it’s predecessor of lax sweatpants and cosy jumpers, the more socially ‘appropriate’ casualwear instead consists of chinos or jeans. Worn in conjunction with a jumper or sweatshirt, whether it be a Ralph Lauren pullover or an Adidas hoodie, and some trendy trainers or brogues, will have you looking comfortably casual in no time.

Top Left: Ralph Lauren Crew Neck Sweatshirt | Top Right: Adidas Originals X Pharrell Williams Hu Hoodie | Bottom Left: Ralph Lauren Slim Pima Jumper | Bottom Right: Fred Perry Colour Block Tape Track Jacket

Ready for work


Last but by no means least, classic sweatshirts can be worn as business attire, it’s versatility making itself apparent in the variety of formal wear it can accommodate. A great mid-range office outfit would be a pair of chinos, a button-up shirt and a jumper, completed with matching brown belt and shoes. Alternatively, you could match smart trousers and formal black shoes with a quality sweatshirt. For the peak in office wear formality without breaching suit territory, try black or navy smart trousers with matching belt and shoes, finished with a white button-up an black tie beneath a neat, black jumper.

The key to fashion is to look good without looking like you’re trying to look good – get it? Smart, effortless outfits with sweatshirts are a great way to achieve this. Be sure to check out our website for a huge variety of sweatshirts and jumpers that’ll prepare you for any occasion.

Top Left: Hugo Boss Orange Kusvet Jumper | Top Right: PS by Paul Smith Crew Neck Jumper | Bottom Left: Fred Perry V Neck Knit Jumper | Bottom Right: Vivienne Westwood Knitted V Neck Jumper

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