How your Overcoat Should Fit

Written by Marc | 11/10/2017




As it’s coming up to the colder seasons, overcoats are an absolute must-have. Choosing the right one for Autumn and Winter can be a tricky task.

You don’t want a jacket that looks odd on top of your other clothes and that doesn’t fit you either. But, how do you know which overcoat to get for your body shape? Look no further – This article will reveal all.

What is an overcoat?

Let’s start with the basics – What is an overcoat and why do you need one? If you often opt for the smart look and want to look sophisticated over the coming winter months, then an overcoat is the obvious choice for you.

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The difference of an overcoat is usually the fabric and length it is made in. An overcoat is traditionally made from a thicker material such as wool or tweed and sits below knee length – Not to be confused with a topcoat which sits above the knee and is made of a lighter material.

The Shoulders

Make sure your coat sits squarely upon your shoulders. If it’s too high, this means the coat is too small. Too low means too big. The overcoat shouldn’t restrict your arm movements, it should rest nicely on your shoulder with the seam connecting your shoulder and the arm sitting just on the edge of your shoulder blade.

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Another main point is to make sure you don’t have a lot of excess room around your chest. You need it to be snug but comfortable in this region also.

The Length

There are two main types of overcoats for men – ¾ length and full length. A ¾ length coat should hang just below your knees. Whereas, a full-length is meant to hang near your ankles. A full-length coat is better suited to a man with a tall structure.

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If you choose an overcoat that is too long, then the overall aesthetic will the thrown off. Worried that you’re too short for an overcoat? Let the length flow down a bit more, but not too much as this has the potential to make you look even shorter.

The Waist

Depending on what you wear underneath, the fit of your overcoat may differ. It shouldn’t be too loose around your waist or too tight. You should be able to fasten it up, without it being too tight or the fabric stretching.

So, quick. Go and buy yourself a toasty overcoat, before the chill takes over.

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