Which Jeans to Wear with your Chelsea Boots

Written by Kimberley | 24/07/2017


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chelsea boots 7 Chelsea boots are a great year-round boot that not only accommodate any weather condition, but also any occasion be it casual or smart. Not just the black pointed-toe style typically associated with this type of footwear, chelsea boots actually come in a huge variety of colours and shapes, including casual rounded toe designs for those seeking a less sharp, suave style.

Slim fit

Slim fit jeans are without a doubt the most stylish type to be worn with chelsea boots. They hug the leg without making your lower body look skinny, and the slimmer leg tapers towards the bottom so that your jeans sit on your boots perfectly.

chelsea boots 1


Tapered jeans are great for the same reason as above: they taper toward the bottom of the leg and sit comfortably and stylishly on top of your boots. Tapered jeans aren’t as close fitting to your leg as slim fit and provide more room around the thighs making them ideal for the larger man that still wants to look stylish.

chelsea boots 2


Another good option, particularly for those with a more alternative fashion sense, skinny jeans can look great with chelsea boots. Colours go a long way to create a certain look with this combination; for example, if you wear black skinnies with black chelsea boots, you’ll get the rock, Russell Brand-esque look, whereas if you wear bright blue jeans with tan suede boots, you’re likely to look a lot more casual.


Above are the three best types of jeans to wear with your chelsea boots. There are, of course, other styles such as boot cut and loose fit, but these really aren’t in fashion and won’t look too great regardless of the footwear you style with them. However, if you’re not at all interested in looking a certain way then you can absolutely wear such cuts, and chelsea boots will still add a fashionable flair to your image.


Written by Aaron Thompson

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