How to Layer Men’s Clothing in Summer

Written by Rebecca | 31/07/2017

Layering clothing might sound counter productive this time of year given the heat and humidity, but it’s a crucial characteristic when it comes to modern day fashion.

Contrary to what you might think, despite the weather, layering doesn’t have to make you uncomfortably sweaty. In fact, it offers you more options when styling your outfit along with alternatives if the weather changes during your day. With layering, you can adjust with the weather, removing or adding clothes when necessary.

The first thing to consider when layering clothing is the undershirt. Depending on just how hot it is, you’ll want to wear a vest or t-shirt. Colour coordinate appropriately, bearing in mind that brighter colours will reflect the heat whereas darker ones will absorb it, making it more likely you’ll be too hot.

With vests, try to avoid overly tight ones as well as equally loose ones. With this in mind, tank tops and string vests are a no-go, so stick with casual printed designs to avoid the try-hard look.

T-shirts are easier given that whether plain white, bright block colours or printed, they all look outdoors appropriate.

The overshirt – usually breezy button-up shirts – not only add versatility to your look but a casual flair, and can also be tied around the waist for yet another take on summertime style. Depending on your first layer, you’ll have to decide whether you want a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt.

If you’re wearing a vest, both short and long sleeve shirts are a go. On the other hand, if your first layer is a t-shirt then a long sleeve is your best option, although you can still roll up the sleeves if you’re so inclined.

The problems with wearing short sleeve button-ups along with a t-shirt present themselves in situations where either your t-shirt sleeves are longer than the actual shirt’s which will look silly, or when the sleeves of both are roughly the same length and cause major discomfort on your upper arms.

To button or unbutton is another question to consider when layering clothing in summer. First things first, never fully button your shirt. It looks stiff and uncomfortable, particularly in a season where the fashion is more laxed than another time of year.

Try buttoning your shirt just under halfway, or even better; keeping it completely unbuttoned. This way you’ll not only stay cool and let that fresh summer breeze circulate around your body, but you’ll also show off your stylish undershirt; and let’s be honest, if you’re reading the Mainline blog then you’ve more than likely got great taste, so let it show in every possible way!

Written by Aaron Thompson

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