Layering Up your Winter Wardrobe

Written by Rebecca | 21/12/2017


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In this freezing winter, don’t get caught out in the cold with a lack of layers. A coat can sometimes cramp your style and leave you feeling trapped when it comes to outfit choices, so could layering be this seasons answer?

Whilst the viral sensation last year of wearing fifty-plus shirts may have been taking the trend a little too far, layering has long been an effective way to show-off a range of different colours, styles and easily being about to shred down layers if a sudden weather change occurs. We live in the UK; a sudden weather change is very likely to occur.

It can appear to be complex and difficult to pull off, but you don’t have to go over the top. Two to three layers is a solid and easy to manage amount, you don’t have to be going out there thinking you should be wearing five different types of shirts. A classic combo is a buttoned shirt with a plain coloured tee behind, take down a few buttons and you’re showing off style whilst keeping yourself cosy.

A small tip for this cold season too would be to grab a size up, allowing more of a loose fit, this also means more of an undershirt beneath will be on show. This shouldn’t be news to any keen ‘layerer’ as one of the major rules is: ‘voluminous clothing on the outside, tight fits on the inside’.

Another rule to remember is to avoid having matching patterns on different layers. You don’t want to end up looking like a spider’s web with chequered patterns on every layer, the best way to go about it is always having at least one plain piece of clothing on show.

If you’re curious to begin layering, a good place to start would be picking up this Hugo Boss Triple Pack gives you a range of quality t-shirts to use as your foundation to build around. With Hugo Boss being such high-quality products, even if you decide that layering isn’t for you, you now own three fantastic t-shirts.

If after receiving your t-shirts, you’re fully ready to take the plunge down the layering rabbit hole, I would suggest flannel shirts. Very fashionable and always popular in the early winter season as people fall in love with the fall essential. These Lyle and Scott shirts, available in both blue or burgundy, are both perfect additions to any winter wardrobes and are ideal to layer with.

One of the last pieces of advice would be to do a little bit of research before you just go out and buy, hoping an outfit goes together. Check out sites like Pinterest to see how other people layer up to find a style that works for you.

Written by Jack Stevens

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