How Men’s Boots Should Fit

Written by Marc | 04/12/2017





There are very few rules when it comes to wearing boots; they are a versatile choice of footwear come rain or shine, whatever the occasion might be. However, whether you are a keen booted enthusiast or are looking to find the pair of perfect boots to suit you, there are some things you might want to consider before purchasing your next pair if you want them to last.

It has been said that a pair of boots should fit your feet like a firm handshake feels in your hand. Your feet ought to be snug enough that the boot clings to them without being painfully tight, and there should be enough room to move your toes around at their end as this is the least flexible part of the shoe.

It is also important to check that some effort is required to get your foot into a boot which fits well – if you can slip inside too easily then try a smaller size. On the other hand, it should be obvious that you don’t want a pair that requires excessive force to get onto your feet.

Although well worn boots can arguably be the most comfortable shoes a man owns, they have to be broken in before you use them for long-term wear. There are not many things worse than having sore feet when you are trying to look your best.

Make sure that your new boots have had a few laps around the house before you take them out on the town, to ensure your comfort and confidence are both maintained.

Another way to keep your boots comfortable is making sure you try them on with the right pair of socks. Thicker socks tend to be the best choice for boots of all kinds, and it ought to be common sense not to try and pair ankle socks off with Chelsea boots, unless you want sore joints and blisters!

More heavy duty socks such as this grey 2 pack from Levi’s are perfect for taller boots, whereas these Hugo Boss trainer socks would work better with ankle boots such as Chukkas.

Whatever trend you want to follow and whatever occasion you need to dress for, boots are a great option of footwear annually; just ensure they are the best boots for you before you invest in the real leather or suede that could last for life with the right care and attention.

Written by Poppy O’Brien

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