How to Pack your Suitcase Without Creasing your Clothes

Written by Rebecca | 10/08/2017


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Going on holiday can be stressful enough without having to worry about creasing your clothes adding to the stress, but there are some simple ways to make this one less worry.

With trying to find hotels, check you have passports and all the correct documents, and attempting to organise everyone involved, the relaxing part of your year can soon become very stressful instead. No one wants to add more stress to what they hope will be relaxing.

The threat of creasing risking your whole look may soon very easily come to mind when you’re planning your holiday. Whether you’re going on a city break, a beach holiday, or off to a party destination, your clothes wrinkling will soon be one less thing for you to worry about.

Clothes can easy become creased if packed incorrectly or too tightly, which unless you travel with an iron packed this as well may be something you wish to avoid. For different types of clothing it may be less likely to crease but for those that do, there are some simple solutions.

The first and most basic thing to start packing is have your suitcase ready and open and a flat surface to fold on nearby.



This method works perfectly for jumpers and t-shirts too.

The most common thing to wrinkle and become a worry for most people is shirts. This commonly more formal item of clothing is very simple to make crease proof. Start with the shirt laid on a flat surface buttons down up and face down.

The sleeves being done up causes the shirt to become tighter and ensuring a fold which is less likely to crease. Fold the sleeves then so the cuffs cross over the middle of the shirt.

Whilst doing this be sure not to fold the side seams as any folds within this area will cause creasing. Take the sides of the shirts and fold them into the centre so they meet, although, they may not meet at the bottom of the shirt.

The sides should form a V-shape and the collar must not fold. With both hands, fold the bottom of the shirt in half-length ways from the bottom up.

The edge of the shirt should rest just below the collar, you may have to do this multiple time depending on the length of the shirt. Flip the shirt and you are ready to pack it.



When folding any trousers, it is impossible to fold them without any creases, however, it is also very simple. Firstly, fold at the fly, so one leg is covering the other. Continue by folding the bottom of the pants up a third of the way, then fold again to the waist.

This is now ready to pack and is so simple it takes less than a minute to do.

Suit Jackets


These can be folded in using the same method as shirts, although, there is also another method. First, take the jacket and unbutton the front, then pop one of the shoulders inside out. Take the other shoulder and fold it back into the area created by popping out the first shoulder.

The inside of the jacket should now face outwards. Fold the jacket so the sleeves and the area immediately below the collar are lined up. It may now either be folded or rolled and packed.

All items of clothing are still likely to crease however, placing them in a sealable plastic bag may also help to reduce any lines appearing.

Written by Leanne Revell

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