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Written by Marc | 05/01/2017




Style Icon


Pharrell Williams is a music icon, this much we know, multi Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, full-time resident at the Pool of Infinite Youth as well as fashion designer and permanent eye catcher on the red carpet.

He has utilised many, many different looks when he turns up to an event, you could NEVER miss him in a sea of people, the man is capable of making just about any look work, as you will see below, what might seem controversial and outlandish to many, is really a very clever outfit, which he ultimately rocks to the fullest potential, even when he has no business making it work.


Pharrell Williams is one of the coolest people on the planet, seems like the nicest person you could possibly meet, what’s not to love about this guy?! He’ll rock Adidas trainers with a suit or he could wear this look of a camouflage suit and shorts and yet make it work, it’s no wonder he recently was awarded the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award.

His style made the biggest splash when he started to model the Vivienne Westwood hat which was originally created in the 80’s when Malcolm McLaren debuted the video for ‘Buffalo Gals’.

While not on the level of fashion designer in the same way that Kanye West has, with his Runescape level 3/Luke Cage set memorabilia clothing line, he still ultimately remains a solid style icon, when he’s out in public you tell he always makes a conscious effort to defy the norm of what someone of his status should wear, I mean, he’s officially a style icon as mentioned above, with the CFDA anointment, as always we wait with bated breath for his next headline making outfit and red carpet appearance.


Written by Max Clarke

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