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Written by Marc | 06/09/2017


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It takes a lot to be well dressed and funny, but Canadian superstar and all-round great guy Ryan Reynolds seems to make it look effortless. Reynolds has broken a lot of ground in the world of TV and cinema and the Deadpool star has shown to be attentive to how he looks while doing it.

Ryan Reynolds is an undeniably cool guy, and his taste in fashion definitely shows it. Reynolds’ sense of style might be described as ‘casual,’ but that isn’t to say it’s lazy – rather, Reynolds’ approach to building an outfit means making the most of pieces that should be in every man’s wardrobe whilst also being conscious of trends.

It might look effortless at first glance, but some research makes it clear how much thought Reynolds’ puts into his outfits.

Since we’re such big fans of Mr. Reynolds (and no doubt you are too), we thought we’d list a couple of items that really seems to make his outfits stand out to help inspire you. Let’s get to it!

ryan reynolds

[Photo: Instagram]

Like we said before, Reynold’s outfits are all about combining the classics with the latest trends, and the outfit above couldn’t be a better example. For example, Reynold’s choice of the bomber jacket shows how savvy he is to trends, as this is a piece that has soared into popularity as of late. The earth tones of his jacket complement his blue jeans and make for an outfit that would look great all year long. For a similar effect, try this Barbour Ashton Casual Bomber Jacket.

ryan reynolds

For something more classic, and also as a means of expressing his unique personality a bit more, Reynolds can also be seen wearing a flat cap. Usually a staple in any farmer’s wardrobe, in this context the flat cap adds to the laid back feel of the outfit and go well not only with this outfit, but with most pieces and can be seen as a defining part of Reynolds’ style.

ryan reynolds

This Ted Baker Thompson Wool Twill Flat Cap will certainly do the job!

ryan reynolds

[Photo: Instagram]

Reynold’s approach to mixing classics and trends doesn’t just stop at making up outfits consisting of both, but sometimes utilising pieces that embrace both. Check out Ryan’s chinos as a great example of this – while chinos serve as a classic piece that work with almost any outfit, in choosing this pair with a cropped fit, Reynold’s outfit is made to look more relaxed and Summery, whilst also proving he is aware of current trends!

ryan reynolds

To get the same effect, try these Farah Vintage Elm Chino Trousers, but dare to be bold but rolling them up once or twice more than usual.

ryan reynolds

[Photo: Instagram]

The trucker jacket is also a classic item that works in any wardrobe. When Ryan Reynolds utilises it, he does so in a unique way so as to create an outfit that while casual, has clearly had some thought put into it. Rather than choosing a classic blue or grey denim, in going for this great olive green in a standout suede texture, Reynolds’ has created the perfect outfit for autumn. For a similar effect, give this Stone Island Long Sleeved Overshirt Jacket a try!

ryan reynolds

If you liked anything you saw today, be sure to head over to Mainline Menswear for hundreds of other great pieces.

Written by Will Palmer

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