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Written by Rebecca | 01/05/2017


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Vibrant and vivid, paisley might not seem the most popular option, yet it’s still everywhere and for good reason. The iconic tear-drop design originates from ancient Iran, and did not arrive in the western world until the 17th Century; being printed on wool in the Scottish town of Paisley, from where it takes its name.

The 1960’s saw a spike in interest of the design, as hippies adorned the colourful patterns, taking interest in its links to middle east. This started a rise in a fashion trend that is still apparent today.


Of recent times, paisley has found itself covering jumpers and swim shorts across the world, but here are a few tips for pulling off the standout patterns scheme on a button up shirt.

Pick a Colour

Find a colour that you feel comfortable in and construct your image from there. Find a paisley shirt printed in a tone of colour that makes you feel confident in yourself, because if you feel good you look good.

Use White Space

White space in a paisley design can really make the shirt look a lot more bold. Furthermore, this opens up the wearer to construct an outfit more easily with the white base, as white can be worn with a wider variety of other colours.


Paisley can look really stylish when in a combination. Perhaps try syncing with a tie or jacket, or for something less bold, simply a handkerchief. This can elevate the outfit subtly without being too daring.

Look for Muted Fabrics

Paisley can look overpowering with its vast, lurid colour scheme and pattern, so for someone who is potentially a little more timid and reserved in their fashion sense, maybe look for a more down-tone colour scheme.

Fortunately, paisley comes in a wide variety of colours so there’s no need to fret.

The label Pretty Green has really elevated the paisley design, utilising it on a lot of their products, so a good starting point for the novice paisley wearer would be there.

Written by Joseph Crabb

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