What to Wear on a Stag Weekend

Written by Marc | 15/03/2017



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Ah, the stag weekend. The night out to end all nights out. The stag night is to the partygoer what the Olympics is to sportsmen and if you do it right, there should be equally as much shouting and cheering.

Stag dos can vary, ranging from tame meals and a couple of pints with friends to the more ‘disorderly’ dos, both on the town or abroad. Overall, your style should be relatively smart being that you’ll be both celebrating a marriage and mourning a lost friend!

First up, the trousers. Chinos and dark jeans are smart without being too formal; they’re the comfortable alternative to actual suit trousers, so you can’t go far wrong with wearing them for high-end occasions. Fit is everything when it comes to smart wear and baggy, oversized trousers look childish and silly – like a kid who can’t dress himself appropriately. Super skinny will look equally as silly, so be sure you find slim-fitting trousers that sit neatly on your shoes – by that we mean no overhanging material and no ankle swingers! Below are a few great options.


Left to Right: Levis Line 8 511 Slim Straight Jeans Black | Hugo Boss Orange Schino Regular 1 D Chinos Brown | Armani Jeans J06 Slim Fit Jeans Blue

Upperwear can vary hugely when it comes to smart clothing, with plenty of options to revolutionise your outfit. Button-ups are the obvious pick with plenty of colour options and styles. Whether it’s a short sleeve for a weekend away in Vegas or a longer sleeve for a night out in Brighton, button-ups have an option for any occasion. Alternatively, the right smart T-shirt coupled with smart trousers and shoes will look really simple whilst remaining stylish enough for a stag do. See below for some of our favourites.


Left to Right: Armani Jeans Long Sleeved Polo T-Shirt White | Luke 1977 Meads Polo T-Shirt Black | Vivienne Westwood Poplin Long Sleeved Shirt White

The make-or-break item of any outfit, the shoes you choose to wear will either give the air of ‘I’m really not trying’ or ‘I’ve really made an effort’. Going for trainers on a stag do is a definite no-go, so go for something more stylish. The most casual you should go is boat shoes in either suede or leather. After that, stick to smart shoes such as brogues or leather loafers. Darker colours – your blacks, browns and greys – are the smarter choices and will go with all colours of smart trousers. Suede is more casual than leather, with loafers more casual than brogues, but neither would be out of place given that the rest of your outfit is smart. Check below for some nice examples.


Left to Right: Sweeney London Fellback Brogue Shoes Black | Grenson Liam Derby Shoes Brown | Oliver Sweeney Lupton Oxford Shoes Brown

If you really want to go above and beyond for your friend’s final farewell then be sure to pick up some accessories – nice watches would also be a great ‘going away’ present for your lost companion, and what’s more is that it can then be worn on the night. Belts are more necessity than accessory, but that’s not to say a stylish one won’t add further depth to your outfit, so if you’re going for a belt be sure to colour coordinate it according to your outfit – preferably your shoes. Brown shoes brown belt, black shoes black belt, etc.


Left to Right: Hugo Boss Black Rafale Watch Brown | Ted Baker Bream Reversible Leather Belt Black | Hugo Boss Black Rafale Watch Black

Written by Aaron Thompson

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