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Written by Marc | 11/07/2017


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Suede shoes are a great year round option if you’re looking for some easily stylish yet equally casual footwear. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, suede shoes have withstood the test of time in a whole host of weather conditions as well as in the fashion industry. So long as it’s dry (rain is their kryptonite), these shoes are hard wearing, stylish and versatile.

Almost all types of footwear come available in suede alternatives, some of the most popular being slip on loafers, Chelsea boots, desert boots, brogues and even trainers. Almost any shoe can come in suede, so if more formal footwear isn’t your style then you’re still sure to find something to suit you.


Boots are the most popular option when it comes to suede footwear. Chelsea and desert boots in particular are great for both casual and formal occasions, as well as warmer and more biting weather temperatures.

Both of these shoes go great with any type of trousers; chinos and suede boots for the summer, jeans and suede boots for the winter.

Slip ons

Suede slip ons ooze class. For a start, slip-on loafers and boats shoes are already stylish, fashion-forward footwear. Combine that with the smooth texture of suede and you’re already miles above the rest in terms of style points.

Wear boat shoes sockless with shorts, or alternatively, if you have dark coloured slip ons, then feel free to wear them with dark chinos or jeans for some formal eveningwear.


Your usual shoes – brogues, canvas shoes and the like – are a great middle ground. Wear these with chinos or jeans, just make sure you colour coordinate appropriately to avoid any subtle wardrobe malfunctions.

Again, these can be casual or formal depending on the rest of your attire.


As most people get older, trainers take the backseat to more stylish shoes when it comes to everyday fashion. However, there are many fashionable models and designs which not only provide an interesting look, but offer comfort that is second to none.

New Balance are a popular suede trainer choice as are a host of Adidas models. Of course, such shoes are more limited when it comes to where and when you can wear them (we wouldn’t expect to see Adidas Originals at a wedding ceremony), but the trade off is that you get real comfort on the casual occasions you do wear them.

As mentioned previously, one of the great things about suede shoes is the range in which they’re available. With such a huge range of shoe sorts and an equally extensive colour range, suede shoes are some of the most widely worn and adaptable footwear. It’s no wonder they are a staple in many man’s wardrobe.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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