What to Wear on a Work Night Out

Written by Marc | 07/03/2017



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Work nights out are a great opportunity for you to mix and mingle with coworkers and socialise with colleagues you otherwise might not speak to in the workplace. Regardless of what you get up to, it’s important to show a standard of respect and dress appropriately for the occasion.

Different outfits suit different occasions, but whether you’re out for a casual meal or getting tanked on the town, below are some clothing examples that’ll have you covered whatever the affair, and who knows, your stylish getup and silver tongue (courtesy of Mr. Jack Daniels) may grant you an unlikely promotion – granted your boss has also been on the booze!


Chinos and jeans are great choices for work nights out because they’re not overly formal, but at the same time they can look identical to suit trousers – chinos more specifically. Darker jeans are smarter, hence the options below being of a darker shade. Chinos are your better option, however, and look smarter whatever the colour given that their styled with the right shirts and shoes.


Left to Right: Lyle & Scott Chino Trousers | Armani Jeans J45 Slim Fit Trousers | G-Star Raw 5620 Elwood 3D Slim Jeans | Farah Vintage Elm Chino Trousers


The upper part of your outfit is the most notable so it’s important to get this part of the fit right. As we’re going for a work night out, go with the consensus that you’ll want to look smart without being over-dressed. You can’t go wrong with shirt, tie and jumper combos or smart roll neck jumpers. Such upperwear can pass as both formal or the upper portion of casual. Below are some great combinations.


Left to Right: Vivienne Westwood Poplin Long Sleeved Shirt | Lacoste V Neck Knit Jumper | Barbour Cashmere Cable Knit Crew Neck Jumper | Ralph Lauren Core Oxford Shirt


Last but by no means least, your footwear can either add that final formal touch to your attire or throw it off entirely with ill-fitting trainers. Below are some options both more formal and casual, all of which would go well with jeans and chinos and add the finishing touch to your outfit.


Left to Right: Sweeney London Belair Brogue Shoes | Barbour Redcar Brogue Shoes | Sweeney London Tuckley Shoes | Ted Baker Dougge Shoes

Just because you’re outside of the work place doesn’t mean you want your coworkers and superiors to see you as a slob! Keeping up appearances on the little events outside of your job can go a long way to helping you get ahead inside of it.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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