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Written by Marc | 09/05/2017


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So, you’ve got your tickets and arranged transport, now all you need is an outfit. Whether you like relaxing to classical music or headbanging to heavy metal, there’s a certain etiquette to follow. Think about the artist, the venue and your personal style. While all eyes should be on the stage, you need to look your best.

So let’s start low key: you’re going to a small gig in a bar, probably featuring a local band you’ve never heard of. Go for a cool, effortless look with a pair of slim jeans in a dark wash so you can wear almost anything on top.

A graphic logo tee is a great way to show off your personality, but if you want a smarter look, consider a check shirt or even a roll neck jumper for gigs in winter. Complete the ensemble with some clean white trainers to stay comfortable all night.

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Like a gig, a pop concert is a casual event so your tux can stay in your wardrobe for a little bit longer. Once again, you can’t go wrong with jeans. Opt for a dark wash if you want a smart casual look or choose intentionally distressed denim for a casual outfit which shows off your personality.

There’s an ongoing debate about whether you should wear a concert t shirt to a concert, but I am a hardcore advocate of concert tees with tour dates on the back. Let your love for Justin Bieber shine. Or go for a plain crew neck t-shirt and pretend you’re only at the concert to look after your sister. We’ll believe you.

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If a rock concert is more your scene, this is your chance to go a little theatrical and dress like a rockstar yourself. Whether you like soft rock, metal rock or somewhere-in-between rock, you’ll be wearing leather.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try some leather trousers to release your inner Jon Bon Jovi. However, leather can get hot and uncomfortable. Use Ross Geller’s leather trousers as a cautionary tale: don’t spend half the concert in the bathroom because the trousers are too tight and you can’t get them back on. If you’re confident you can’t pull off leather trousers, go for a plain black leather jacket with a white crew neck tee.

Finish off with some skinny jeans and desert boots for an understated yet classic look.

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However, if you’re venturing to the Proms or the opera, you need to bring your A game. Translation: dust off that suit jacket, polish those brogues, and maybe comb your hair. It’s important to consider the performance and the venue.

Remember that the orchestra will be in tuxedos and ball gowns so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put some effort in, too. Go for a dark suit (every man should have one) or, if you really want to look like a million quid, wear a tux (bonus points if you know the difference!)

Finish off the look with a pair of brogue shoes and a patterned tie to throw a splash of colour into a classic formal look.

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And then there are outdoor concerts and festivals. Now, we all know British weather is unpredictable. To put things into perspective: we had hail in April. So, you need to dress practically. Namely, a waterproof jacket is essential. Make sure your jacket is lightweight and packable so that if by some miracle the sun comes out, you can store your jacket safely in your bag.

Make sure you’re comfortable so jeans with some stretch are ideal or if you’re willing to risk it, wear a pair of loose shorts. If your concert is in a field, the chances are that you’re going to get muddy. So, leave your best brogues at home and wear your trusty wellies. Okay, wellington boots are never going to be the pinnacle of fashion but they will keep your feet warm and dry and if you invest in a high-quality pair, they’ll be very comfortable.

Of course, if you’re heading over the pond to Coachella, we can’t help you. Coachella fashion is a law unto itself.

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There’s no doubt that you should be comfortable and look your very best at any kind of concert. Just remember to consider the genre, the venue, and, yes, even the weather. Stay true to your own style, show off your personality and you’ll feel like the star of the show.

Written by Rachel Glass

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