Which Shoes to Wear with Shorts

Written by Rebecca | 27/07/2017

With two months of summer left, the time is nigh to add some colour to your probably pale pins. As embarrassing as your tan might be at the moment, break out the shorts and commit to getting some colour.

Knowing what shoes to wear with your shorts is essential for a modern fashion sense. With plenty of footwear options available at Mainline Menswear to choose from, we’re going to run down the best styles to go with your shorts. So without further ado… Let’s find you a shoe!

First option: plimsolls. The appeal of this footwear undoubtedly lies in it’s simplicity, light weight and usually lower price. As they’re such a simple design, they’re often cheaper than other more formal summer alternatives such as tassel loafers.

If you’re looking for complete casual, plimsolls are the way to go and are available with or without laces.

Second option: loafers/Bass Weejuns. Their many variations are the more popular choice if you’re a man who takes his appearance seriously. The epitome of style when it comes to the slip-on family, loafers turn casual summer wear into sophisticated, semi-formal fashion. Most popularly leather, loafers are also available in suede; slightly more subtle if you ask us!

Last but by no means least, driver shoes are the classy compromise in the world of slip-ons. Smarter than plimsolls but not quite as in-your-face formal as the Bass Weejun, driving shoes bridge the gap between the two. Encompassing a range of styles, driving shoes can either be of a more boat-shoe structure, but are equally available in smart buckled slip-ons.

Above are our favourite options when it comes to which summer shoes to wear with shorts. Be sure to click on any of the links above and choose which footwear best fit your fashion sense and style.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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