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Written by Marc | 14/02/2018



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A leather jacket is a slick, cool, fashionable item of clothing that will grab everyone’s attention. But how do you take care for this all-important element of your wardrobe? Mainline Menswear is here to help.

Nobody wants to see their clothes get ruined, especially when they’ve paid good money for the highest quality of clothing. Sometimes, factors out of our control impact our choice of fashion. Leather jackets, as cool as they may be, are some of the most susceptible and at risk of getting damaged. Following these instructions will ensure you won’t do anything to mar your jacket in any way, and keep it in a great condition that will serve you for years to come.

Now, some of the answers should lie within the jacket so you won’t have to go far to get your queries resolved. Be sure to check out the inside labels, where the manufacturers will have specific do’s and do not’s of washing a jacket and instructions on how to properly take care of it. These will include important advice as to whether or not your jacket is suitable for the washing machine, a process which could potentially ruin the jacket if done wrong.

Washing a leather jacket is a risky, but doable process, as long as you take great care and follow specific instructions to ensure it comes out in the same condition as when you put it in. Every jacket is its own unique item, the requirements for a Belstaff jacket maybe be vastly different to one from Diesel. Be sure to do your research on the recommended approach and settings!

If you’ve spilled food or drink on your jacket, there’s no need to panic. Use a soft cloth for clean spills. For stains, there are several ways you can rid of them.  One seemingly unusual method is toothpaste; apply it with your finger to the stain and softly wipe at it with the soft cloth. If you’ve got mould growing from these food stains, mix alcohol and water together, use a cloth to delicately wipe away the stain and then use a second cloth to dry the area.

Be careful when wiping your jacket as if you begin scrubbing or applying too much pressure, you’ll risk damaging the material and all your work will have been for nought and potentially putting you in a worst position as to where you started.

An element outside of your control is the pesky and unpredictable weather. Rain and leather jackets are a toxic match and your jacket, after enough exposure to the unforgiving weather, will begin to stain and potentially fray. Ideally, you want to keep your jacket dry at all times and avoid the harsh weathers but this isn’t always possible.

You can prepare your jacket with a lotion to protect it from, and reduce water absorption. If your jacket does get exposed to the rain, when you’re inside carefully dry your jacket as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

We also advise you take care of your jacket, even when you’re not wearing it. Don’t just fling it on the floor after use, hang it up in a cool, dry area using a wide hanger to let it breathe. Keeping care of your jacket is a simple process but you have to make sure it is always in a good condition, wherever it is, to maintain a perfect condition.

If you are truly passionate about caring for your jacket (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can always take it to a professional who will know everything there is to know. They can see if there are any scuffs or stains you’ve missed, or to just make it look shiny and brand new. A yearly check will keep up the quality of your jacket and extend its lifespan.

Your leather jacket is synonymous with your style and you want to do everything you can to protect both of them. Maintaining quality control is just as crucial as maintaining your style. That means leather jackets truly deserve the best care you can afford and you can impress all your friends by evidencing the amount of care you put into your jacket.

The above series of advice and warnings will hopefully keep your jacket in a perfect condition and one which will keep you comfortable for years to come.

Written by Alex Lewis

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