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Written by Marc | 06/06/2018


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Your style changes as you grow up and you to become accustomed to new ideals and lifestyles. Light up trainers no longer seem acceptable as an adult, as sad as that may be, and we need to find some sort of alternative.

What you wear on your feet is one of the defining factors of your style, whether it be casual, sporty or classy. If you’re worried about what’s on your feet and someone gives you the old “don’t worry no one will be looking at your shoes,” well that’s a big fat lie. So you might as well be prepared in the big grown-up world with some big grown-up trainers.

These are the five best trainers to show off a ‘grown-up’ look and get away with in the office.

5 – Puma Suede

The Puma Suede is another one of those shoes that have been going around since the 70’s. The comfortable trainers were the main rival of the Gazelle, with its inspiration taken from classic sports shoes. As the name suggests, the upper is made of suede, giving the shoes a soft and comfortable feel.

Pairing these with jeans will give you a retro, yet mature look.

4 – Cruyff Classic Vanenburg Trainers

Made by the company named after the Dutch footballing legend Johan Cruyff, this comfortable trainer will add to a retro and classy appearance. The Cruyff Classics brand has been going around for some time now as the Johan wanted to make the best football boots out there. The diamond patterned leather upper harks back to the design of classic football boots as well as giving the shoe a classy look.

3 – Adidas Gazelle

The Adidas Gazelle is one of the most popular shoes ever made with an iconic design. The trainer has been going around since the 70’s and has been an instant hit. It was the first Adidas shoe to be made from suede and has a design inspired from classic football boots.

Adidas Gazelles are a great example of a ‘grown-up trainer’ with a very simple, subtle design, especially in navy blue or black.

2 – Puma Ignite Netfit

The Puma Ignite Netfit is the most modern shoe on this list, being released this year. The design of the shoe may be outlandish compared to the other shoes in this list, however, they can still complete a grown-up look.

The shoe also features Puma’s revolutionary Netfit design, which sees the lace holes replaced with a net on the side allowing the wearer to create their own lace design to improve style and comfort.

1 – Nike Cortez

The Nike Cortez is a modernised popular classic. Originally released in 1972, it was the first running shoe for the modern era, designed by Olympic coach, Bill Bowerman. The shoe became famous on the big screen, being Forrest Gump’s choice of footwear – a man we can trust.

The trainer was made from Nylon, but over the years it has been improved with the latest release made of leather. The simple design is great for a mature look, especially in white. The accent colours vary, but red or blue really make this timeless design stand out.

No matter which style trainer you prefer though, as long as you wear it with confidence (and your shoes don’t have any holes) we’re sure you’ll pull off your own, personal look with the most comfortable trainers.

Written by Liam McDonald

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