Introducing – Moose Knuckles

Written by Marc | 28/09/2018


Brand Focus

Moose Knuckles has been protecting Canadians from the cold since 1921; and in typically-polite Canadian behaviour, they’ve been doing the same for the rest of the world since 2007. New to Mainline Menswear, Moose Knuckles are the perfect brand if you’re looking for contemporary outdoor wear that’s built to last.

Moose Knuckles develop the toughest, leanest and most luxurious sportswear in the world. With coats and parkas for men built to last, these pieces are a must-have fashion piece for contemporary living. With impeccable tailoring, luxury materials, attention to detail and with attitude, these coats are bound to impress. Practicality meets fashion in the latest brand to Mainline Menswear.

Shop Moose Knuckles today for all your tough outerwear, with a range of ballistic hooded jackets in a range of colours and styles, there’s sure to be the perfect match for you this season.



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