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Written by Bronwen | 28/12/2018


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Hopefully, Santa made sure you aren’t short of clothing this Christmas but with New Year’s Eve coming up you are seriously running out of time to ensure you have an outfit fit for the occasion. There’s plenty of possibilities hiding in your closet though, and with a few smart picks, you can be looking your best before midnight hits.

People celebrate in a variety of different ways and below you will see a variety of selections based on the type of event you might well be heading to. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to wear or simply don’t know what’s appropriate, take a look at the suggestions and share your thoughts.

The House Party

These can be tricky for many reasons because it’s not always clear if the host has a smart or casual dress code and everybody does them differently. You can never really go wrong with a smart casual hybrid and an extremely popular look this year is a roll neck jumper teamed with a blazer over the top. Top it off with some brogues and some dark jeans and you’ll never look out of place. Our personal favourites are this roll neck jumper from Versace Collection matched with a pair of Chelsea boots from Oliver Sweeney, but we recommend you experiment with different hues and types to find the style that works for you.

The Bar Crawl Party

If you’ll be counting down into the new year in a crowded local pub, bar or club it is going to be to warm for the outfit featured above. But this isn’t just your regular Saturday night out so t-shirts and casual shoes are usually best being replaced by quality shirts and smart shoes. Key to the outfit is arguably a simplified Oxford button-down shirt because it’ll be comfortable, stylish and it will go with anything you like.

Dining Out Party

Spending it with the better half or opting for a low key affair with friends or family, if you’re dining out at an upmarket restaurant it could be the time to wear a stylishly cut designer suit. It is certainly a good time to have a smart dress watch and if you feel a little bit quirky you could add a bow tie to your usual blazer, shirt combination for going out in.

The Outdoor Party

People love fireworks on New Year’s Eve and some of the biggest and best events offer live music and fun for all. But don’t let the cold catch you out by the time the clock strikes midnight because you can still look stylish as you toast those champagne glasses. Wax cotton, leather and fur-lined parka jackets are all popular for these type of occasions and it is the perfect chance to give a pair of luxury boots a wear, like those from Oliver Sweeney. If you’re not sure, go for a parka jacket, dark jeans and matching chukka boots and then you’re outdoor party ready.


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