Men: What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

Written by Marc | 03/12/2018


How To

What should you wear to a winter wedding? You want to look stylish without giving the impression you’re wearing half your wardrobe. When expecting cold weather, a thin suit isn’t going to keep you warm throughout the wedding day. Layering is the trick for your winter wardrobe, so here is our style guide to what you should wear so you stay warm without looking frumpy.


The Three Piece Winner

A winter wedding is going to be bitterly cold, so layers will be your best friend. Investing in a three-piece suit is a smart choice, adding an extra layer from the waistcoat to provide warmth whilst still looking smart. Rather than buying a whole new suit you could always add in a waistcoat to a suit you already have, as long as it matches in colour. Black is the easiest way to achieve this, and as a slimming shade,  you’ll be upgrading your plain suit into a much more stylish three-piece.

black fitted waistcoat

Linen is out!

Considering your suit fabric is a crucial step for winter weddings.  It’s time to ditch that linen suit, it may have looked good in Summer, but will provide no warmth for you at a Winter wedding. Heavier materials will be perfect for keeping you warm, think corduroy, wool and tweed for those cold winter months. This BOSS HUGO BOSS Norwin 3 Jacket is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. A two tone, grey and black, woven wool and cotton blend jacket is stylish and will keep you warm, wear with a white shirt, waistcoat and slim plain trouser.

a grey blazer

More Layers!

Adding another layer to battle the chill is perfect but don’t ruin it with a big puffer coat – they are not wedding appropriate. Find a good overcoat for your suit, it should be brown, black or charcoal and again compliment your shoes and suit choice. This overcoat by Paul Smith is a good choice, it will add extra warmth and compliment any suit.

A long overcoat in camel

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