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Written by Bronwen | 07/09/2018


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It might seem like you can wear whatever you’d like to the gym, and to a certain extent you can! You don’t have to worry about looking good when you’re about to become a red, sweaty mess on the treadmill, but there are a few advantages to trying to dressing well at the gym.

Firstly, single men, the gym is a hotspot for attractive women. Secondly, you’re probably going to run into someone you know. Thirdly, why wouldn’t you want to look good? We have a few tips and tricks that can leave you feeling more confident and comfortable during and after your workout.

Men, it’s time to nail your athleisure wardrobe and know exactly what to wear to the gym, with Mainline Menswear’s Do’s & Don’ts on gym fashion.

Do – Wear Appropriate Shoes

We’re starting with the most important DO just to really stress the need here. Don’t wear uncomfortable footwear or worse: flip-flops. You’re in shoes for most of your life, so it’s important they’re a high quality and comfy to wear, especially your work out shoes.

Wearing appropriate footwear will reduce your risk of injury when working out. Also, you’re more likely to stop mid-workout if your feet hurt. We recommend trainers that provide the support you need for the specific workout of your choice. If you’re not sure then cushioned soles are the best place to start, or air unit trainers like the Nike Air Max trainers below.

nike air max trainers

Don’t – Neglect To Care For Your Shoes

Moving on from our first point, be considerate to your fellow fit-seeking gym goers. This means not coming in with grubby, dirt covered trainers.
We recommend not using shoes that you use outside, to ensure you don’t wander around tracking mud everywhere. Also, make sure to spray your gym trainers shoe odour spray after every use, to keep the smell to a minimum. It’ll save you some embarrassment.

Do – Wear Clothes That Fit

It may seem like the best option to go for something baggy, but it’s actually a big mistake. Not only do baggy clothes make you look larger (sorry, guys), but they can constrict your movements and become annoying when you’re mid-workout.

As long as you’re wearing breathable fabrics, which we’re leading onto, your clothes will be comfiest and most flattering if they fit you probably.


Don’t – Take Your Shirt Off

No one wants this. No matter how hot you get, keep that shirt on. To counteract the heat, wear comfortable clothes that have breathable fabrics. This is where moisture-wicking clothing is the best bet, and why you should try to wear clothes that are specifically designed for exercise, rather than your comfiest t-shirt.

Workout clothes are designed to keep the perspiration away from your body. Performance fabric is common amongst workout clothes and what we’d recommend. However, if this isn’t for you, then try to stick to cotton when you can.

We hope these do’s and don’ts have given you a little help with what to wear to the gym. If you’re not sure which brands to shop for gym wear, then our recommendations would be Adidas, Nike and Boss Athleisure, to name a few.



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