New In: Nike Air Max 95 ‘Crystal Blue’

Written by Marc | 21/12/2018



Just in time for Christmas, the Nike’s iconic Air Max 95 returns in their coveted ‘Crystal Blue’ colourway.

Nike Air Max 95

The Air Max 95 project all started in 1995, giving Nike a fresh perspective and breaking away from the, then very popular, basketball silhouette to opt for the visible air design.

The inspiration for the Air Max 95 came to ACG designer Sergio Lozano one rainy day at the Nike headquarters in Oregon. “I was looking across the lake out into the trees and I began picturing the process of rain eroding the earth and thought it would be interesting if the perfect product was unearthed by erosion.” The result was a fantastic silhouette with a layered upper to represent muscle fibres, a midsole to represent the spine, and a gradient in colour that represented eroded rock walls. The Air Max 95 came in a range of colours including ‘Crystal Blue’ and ‘Volt.’

Now Crystal Blue is making a triumphant return and is back in its original colourway. With a full front woven lace fastening in white and blue woven loops with mesh and layered suede leather uppers in shades of white, blue and grey. These latest trainers are available online today!


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