The History of Eastpak

Written by Marc | 09/03/2018


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Eastpak are a fashionable brand that sells top of the range backpacks. They began their adventure back in 1952 in Boston, US. They were Eastern Canvas Products making tough gear for the US army.

In the 1970’s they found themselves on the shoulders of college kid, who started to use army gear to carry their books on campus. School children find a trend they like and all of their friends soon follow. The army style back pack was very popular throughout the decade.

In 1976 they designed the iconic daypack for those exact college kids. Eastpak as we know it was born during 1976. Eastpak are so confident in their quality of merchandise that in 1984 they introduced a 30-year warranty on their bags, which is still in place today.

In 1985, Eastpak set the trend and were the first brad to add bright colours to their already popular canvas bags. This proved a big hit for customers who were not accustomed to such bright items.

Just before the new millennium, Eastpak were the first to add wheels to soft luggage bags. This was a huge statement of intent, proving they were leading the way in the development of bags.

The year 2004 was a landmark year for the company as they collaborated with their first designer, which would later be one of many. Walter Van Beirendonck became on board and the Belgium fashion designer implemented his fantastic ranges of unusual colour combinations into the brand in which helped them go from strength to strength.

The launch of Eastpak Artist Studio in 2011 is home to some of the world’s most creative minds and is home to where they come together to transform their ‘Padded Pak’r’ into works of art.

In 2015, they found themselves in the company of fashion royalty with collaborations with Jean Paul Gaultier. They still encourage people to go out and explore and be curious what is around you.

Within their website there is a that helps you keep your bag in great condition with very helpful tips. Whether your bag is leather, fabric or water resistant they have an explanation on what you can do to repair your bag.

They also offer free delivery and returns as well as their 30 year guarantee on all bags.

Written by Ryan Lewis

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