Belstaff AW19 With Mainline Menswear

Written by: Bronwen Collins | October 28, 2019.

Belstaff have you ready for AW19 with fresh outerwear that will last a lifetime. Staying true to their roots, only the best quality materials get to feature in every Belstaff jacket, coat, t-shirt and jumper. Hand-waxed leather, tough denim, cotton, suede and shearling all come into play to provide hard-wearing clothing that can endure the elements.

Earthy browns and red hues bring a sense of Autumnal renewal with this year’s jackets and coats from Belstaff. Complete with fur-lined hoods and down insulation perfect for all-season protection. The collection is pleasantly uncomplicated as well, with navel inspiration keeping things simple and streamlined.

Shop the Belstaff AW19 line today with Mainline Menswear. Keeping you warm and cosy, and at the same time exceptionally stylish.




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