Can You Wear Flip Flops To The Office?

Written by Marc | 22/07/2019


How To

Summer is finally here and with it a whole new set of questions for what you can wear to the office. Is that Hawaiian shirt inappropriate? Do I really have to wear a blazer when it’s this hot? Can you wear flip flops to the office? Today we’re going to concentrate on that final question (though if you’re wondering about the other two, I would say probably yes, no, respectfully) and discuss the pros and cons of wearing sliders and flip flops to the office.

Designer sliders are a fashion must-have this year. Whether you wear them to work or just to the beach. They’re versatile, comfortable and perfect for keeping cool in the hotter weather. But there are a few things we need to consider before you slip them on for the Monday morning rush hour.

What is the dress code for the office?

Obviously, if you’re expected to wear a suit and tie then flip flops are a definite no-go. Why are you even asking the question in the first place? For jobs with a strict dress code, you’re going to need to forget the sliders. A cooler option you could perhaps get away with wearing a suit is loafers.

If, however, your dress code is a little less formal “business casual” (looking at you, Mainline Menswear developers) then flip flops are an option you can consider, but you need to choose wisely. Garish, cheap-looking sandals aren’t going to make the cut. Try to go for a designer pair of sliders that aren’t too loud. We don’t want your casual footwear to be the centrepiece of the outfit, it needs to blend in. Stick to black, browns and subtle blues when it comes to your office sliders.

What do you wear with sliders?

When it comes to the office, if your shoes are going casual then another piece of your outfit has to pick up the slack. This is why you should leave your colourful logo t-shirts at home for this one. Try to keep your colour pallet neutral and smart.

Also, it’s important you don’t go for this look unless it really is very hot outside. We don’t care how casual your office is with the dress code, no one likes the guy who wears flip flops all year round. Don’t be that guy.

Final Words

  • So, what are our key tips and tricks to wearing sandals to the office?
  • Go for the simplest, smartest sandals/sliders you can find.
  • Wear a smart tee or shirt to make up for the casualness of the sandals.
  • Only go for this look if it’s actually hot.
  • Make sure your feet don’t look gross! Trim those toenails and even invest in a pedicure (you won’t regret it I promise)


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