How To Go From The Office To Date Night

Written by Marc | 17/07/2019


How To

So, it’s happened. Your bad Tinder jokes have finally worked, and a match has agreed to meet with you. The only issue is, they’re only free on Tuesday at 6 pm. How are you meant to get home, changed and get back out again in time? Here’s our life-hack: you don’t.

With careful planning and some brilliant execution, you won’t even have to take anything extra with you on your morning commute. If you pick the right outfit, you can smash out your day job and then go straight to your date with a flawless transition. Here is our how-to guide for going from the office to date night. 

Ditch The Tie

Right, you might look fantastic in your fancy work suit, but your date night isn’t about who can sell the most paper this month, its about selling yourself. If you ditch your tie, it gives your outfit that more casual edge that shows you aren’t entirely work orientated. You’ll feel more relaxed and less robotic, no doubt your body language will mirror this.

A grey Lacoste shirt folded on a table with the green crocodile logo on the right hand side.

It is important to choose a shirt that looks equally as impressive without a tie, make sure the collar isn’t awkward when unbuttoned, your tailored trouser and shirt combo should suffice. 


A Perfect Fit

Regardless of what you finally choose to wear, just make sure it fits you well. If you’re going straight from work in a clean, slim fit shirt, then you have to make sure it fits comfortably but well. You don’t want to wear that shirt you bought because you like the pattern but the sleeves are 3ft. too long. A good, well-fitted outfit goes a lot further than an extremely fashionable, but badly fitted outfit.

A blue Farah button-down shirt folded neatly on a marble floor.

A slim fit shirt is perfect for achieving this. T-shirts are associated with relaxing and being more casual, so a slim fit shirt shows that you have put in the effort to dress well but will also show off your figure and put yourself out there more. If you are sticking to the shirt & trouser combo, then a white sneaker may be the perfect completion to the outfit. Check out Mainline Menswear’s extensive collection of shirts here.

Leave The Pointy Leather Shoes At Work

You arrive at the meeting place first, take a seat and wait for your date to arrive. When they finally arrive you don’t want to stand up to reveal some ridiculous footwear that’s going to send them running. If you opt for a cropped smart trouser at work, you can easily transform the outfit by swapping out your smart shoes for a clean, simple white sneaker. It shows a fun, casual edge but whilst also still showing elements of smart. The perfect business-casual look, right? 

If white sneakers aren’t your thing, boots go down very well on dates. Chelsea boots are a great way of flying straight out of the office to meet your date as they are clean and smart without over-doing it. 

A Pair of white Adidas Trainers

Too Smart?

If you feel like your workplace outfit is just a bit too smart, swap out part of your outfit and casual it up a bit. For example, if you swap out your shirt for a plain t-shirt combined with a cropped trouser and white sneaker, you can really pull off a more casual but very neat look. The trousers bring in enough of a smart feel that you won’t be under-doing it whilst still being a very simple transition from the office outfit. 

A blue Paul And Shark T-shirt hanging upside down

A last couple of pointers – a splash of cologne before you go will help, with no time to properly freshen up, this can refresh your scent enough for a few hours- don’t go crazy and leave their eyes watering after one whiff.

If you’ve decided to get yourself a new pair of Chelsea boots or harder wearing shoes for your date, make sure you do wear them in at work or home first. There’s nothing cool about complaining about your feet hurting, or even worse, bursting your blisters at the table. So make sure they’re comfy before you leave work!


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