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Written by Marc | 26/08/2019



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Graphic tees are a feature in every man’s wardrobe and a key player for the majority of our casual outfits. But how can you make the most of your graphic t-shirts? From fashion statements to subtle abstract touches, here is our comprehensive guide on styling graphic tees for men.

levis graphic


The graphic tee is the focal point of your entire outfit. So, it is important to pick the right one. We need to think about colours, size and the actual graphics carefully. Bright hues should be considered carefully. You’re already making a statement with the graphic (that’s kind of the whole point) so you don’t need to go overboard with garish reds and loud yellows. Try to stick to black and white in most cases, or dark blues and greens if you do want to add a touch of colour. Monochrome graphic tees are our personal favourite, and a bold logo in black and white is sure to make a great statement.

Levis T Shirt Logo


Layering is a great way to finish off your outfit. A graphic t-shirt alone can look a little too casual and like you haven’t put any effort in – unless it’s a boiling hot day, in which case you can be forgiven.

Spice up your outfit with an unbuttoned shirt on top of your t-shirt and then a denim jacket on top of that. This will create volume and is a great option if you’re on the skinnier side and want your frame to look larger. If you need to be semi-formal (though a graphic tee is never going to be anything more than casual, honestly) then you can pair a blazer with your tee instead of the heavy layering. Try to go for a grey or black blazer to ensure things don’t look silly and make sure your blazer fits you properly.

In conclusion, always try to add at least a jacket to your graphic tee. On its own, it just feels a little incomplete. The good news is that graphic t-shirts will pretty much match with anything. Whether you prefer a leather jacket, a blazer, or extra layering with a shirt, you can’t really go wrong as long as you put on that extra layer when it’s colder. In the summer try to stick with a simple graphic shirt for when this isn’t an option.

The Graphic

Now onto the most important part, the actual graphic on your tee. Luckily for you, this really comes down to a matter of choice. If you’re trying to go for the most sophisticated look possible with a t-shirt, then we recommend you pick a graphic tee with an abstract design; simple is best when you want to look more grown-up. You can stay subtle with a monochrome logo tee like this graphic design from Billionaire Boys Club. Simple colouring with an abstract pattern gives this casual outfit a bit of class.

billionare boys club graphic tee

Or maybe you’d prefer to make a bigger statement and go for a repeated pattern? Like this one from Levis.

Levis Logo

Also, don’t be afraid to pick your favourite brand. This is a chance to show off your personality with what you like to wear most, whether that’s Hugo Boss or Y3, it really is down to you and what you like.

Finishing Touches

Finally, try to keep your trousers and shoes simple. If you’re not sure then go for black jeans and your most-loved pair of trainers. Remember, the t-shirt is your base colour, the rest of your outfits needs to match with the tee; not the other way around.


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