How to Wear Sunglasses Like Lewis Capaldi

Written by Marc | 30/08/2019


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Lewis Capaldi: Style Icon Maverick?

Lewis Capaldi has many boasts to his name: becoming the fastest ever unsigned artist to reach 25 million plays on Spotify and receiving a perfect attendance award at primary school, to name a couple. The 22-year-old Scot is undoubtedly talented and pretty funny to boot, but should we want to dress like Capaldi? With a penchant for leopard print silk pyjamas and 90s infused sunglasses no matter what the weather, we think the answer is a pretty firm yes. Yet saying that we’re not sure we could make Lewis our latest style icon. That’s one claim we can’t quite bestow. Maybe just a style appreciation? Either way, we do want to talk about what he wears, more specifically: Lewis Capaldi’s sunglasses.

Lewis Capaldi Wearing Leopard Print

[Image: Instagram]

Grow Your Sunglasses Collection

Why is Lewis Capaldi always wearing sunglasses? The simple answer we can deduce is: because he wants to. Loud, proud and sometimes even garish (sorry, Lewis) his sunglasses collection is shockingly extensive. Lewis has enough glasses to show-off a new pair every day of the week. And though we might not enjoy every pair he owns (or any) we think building on your sunglasses collection is a fantastic idea.

An often forgotten accessory, having more than one pair of sunglasses gives you the option of upgrading each outfit differently every day. Simple, easy to match, and stylish, a good pair of designer sunglasses will instantly make you look more put together on a summer’s day.

Which Sunglasses Should You Wear?

So how can you get a sunglasses collection to rival Lewis Capaldi? Though we can all admire his leopard print sunglasses from afar, our favourite brands we’d recommend are Gucci, Tom Ford, and Prada, to name a few. You won’t need as much confidence as Capaldi to pull any of these specs off. Instead, you can trust the experts behind your designer sunglasses are making you look fantastic with fashion’s easiest accessory.

gucci sunglasses

From thinly red-tinted to child-like white spectacles, Lewis wears his sunglasses for better or worse. We hope this gives you the confidence to rock sunglasses more often, but maybe choose a more sophisticated pair than the type Capaldi is known for?

The Lesson To Take From Lewis Capaldi Sunglasses

So why should we all take a few style tips from Lewis Capaldi? Well, the 22-year-old’s approach to fame and fashion is quite frankly refreshing. He has a whole Instagram highlight section dedicated to unclogging his toilet, he frequently posts selfies of him with a towel hair turban, he buys leopard print pyjamas just for a laugh and accentuates his stomach in tight-fitting tracksuits. Lewis promotes honesty, and unapologetic confidence in being yourself – no matter how wacky your sunglasses.

Lewis Capaldi Wearing Flamingo Sunglasses

[Image: Instagram]

That’s why we think we could all take a lesson from Lewis and wear what we want without worrying what others will think of our experimental outfits. Channel your inner Calpaldi and wear your clothes and accessories with confidence! Sunglasses an’ all.


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