Introducing: Emporio Armani: Boarding

Written by Marc | 20/02/2019



Get your passports ready for Emporio Armani’s SS19 show that took us all to new heights and is now available online with Mainline Menswear. The major event was held in the hangar of the Milan Linate Airport, with a crowd of 2300 in attendance. This marked the first time the hangar played host to a fashion show, with guests even going through security.

Emporio Armani Jumper

“Airports are places full of symbolism. They suggest unbounded openness to the world outside. You take off to discover and learn or come back after experiencing countless adventures. I liked the idea of staging this event in the same hangar which has been labelled with the “Emporio Armani” insignia and its iconic eagle logo since 1996 — an image that welcomes the thousands of travellers who land at Linate Airport or functions as a farewell as they depart from Milan. The airport is the perfect space for Emporio Armani, the brand that embodies a free, adventurous spirit and continually reasserts its essence through a contemporary style”, commented Giorgio Armani.

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Originally launched in 1981 as a collection targeting a younger audience, today Emporio Armani is a brand that works as a hub. Inspired by an inclusive, democratic attitude, it matches the way people move in the urban environment.

Shop Emporio Armani for men today with Mainline Menswear for your latest top destination outfits. The Emporio Armani: Boarding collection is ready to take off.


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