Men: Best Lightweight Jackets For Spring

Written by: Bronwen Collins | March 4, 2019.

Spring is here, finally, and we’re left either freezing in a shirt or sweating it out in our winter coats. The answer is a jacket, which we’ve touched on before. But which style of jacket is the perfect fit for you? There’s a huge range to choose from, from bomber jackets and denim, to cord and leather.  Here are our favourite picks for jackets that break the wind, not the bank.

The Bomber Jacket

A timeless classic, everyone should have a bomber jacket in their life. A bomber jacket is tight around the waist and baggy with the arms, bomber jackets are known for their flattering shape, and will match with all your casual wear for a great day-to-day look.

Our Favourite: You can’t go wrong with Emporio Armani’s Sheepskin bomber jacket. The sherpa lining provides a smarter look than a plain bomber jacket, and keeps you that little bit warmer!

Emporio Armani Bomber Jacket

The Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are perfect for spring, as they’re thick and warm, but at the same time not as heavy as a coat. A men’s denim jacket can be difficult to match, as most of us tend to wear jeans with 99% of our outfits. Luckily double denim is now the fashion rule designers love to break, so you don’t have to worry if you’re wearing jeans.

If you’re still unsure, just make sure your jeans are a darker or lighter wash than your denim jacket, in which case everything will look fine.

Our Favourite: Calvin Klein’s classic Omega Trucker jacket provides a subtle nod to the 80s with it’s all over distressed design.

Calvin Klein Denim Jacket

The Rain Jacket

In the UK you’re going to need a raincoat or five. If its spring, said raincoat also needs to be breathable. That’s exactly what you get with thin rainjackets (note the word rainjacket, not raincoat).

Lightweight, breathable and waterproof are all the boxes you need to tick if you’re shopping for a rainjacket.

Our Favourite: We recommend you go for a bright, happy colour to battle the gloomy weather. Like this Barbour Clanfield jacket in baby blue – it’ll really bring out your eyes.

Barbour Rain Jacket in blue

The Waxed Jacket

That’s right, we’re getting pretty fancy now with the waxed jackets. These jackets are made from cotton and then treated with beeswax or paraffin to make them waterproof (fancy and practical). Waxed jackets will give you a smart country-vibe whilst keeping you warm and dry in those unpredictable spring showers.

Our Favourite: Belstaff are the masters of waxed jackets with this Belstaff Racemaster waxed jacket coming out on top. Tough, durable and extremely stylish, this is our top pick when it comes to the wax.

Belstaff Jacket

The Gilet

Maybe it’s too warm for even a jacket? Maybe you want to keep your arms free? Maybe you just hate sleeves? In that case, a gilet is the perfect go-to “jacket” for your springtime. Insulating and warm while at the same time staying lightweight. A gilet is a perfect addition to your wardrobe until summer really gets going.

Our favourite: EA7 have our favourite range of insulated gilets. Padded with an overall horizontal quilted design, EA7 gilets will make the perfect statement and keep you warm to boot.

EA7 Gilet





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