Men: How to Do Summer Layering

Written by Bronwen | 08/07/2019

Summer in Britain is sporadic at best, and we never know if we should be layering up for freak showers or wearing as little as possible to combat the heat. It can go from hot to cold without much warning, and I don’t know about you, but I only have three summer outfits for the year. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sick of the same old t-shirt and shorts combo, and picking a coat for the summer is more confusing than it has any right to be. Well, summer looks like it’s ready for a long-term relationship, so it’s time to step up our game with some expert summer layering.

Here we go through how to do summer layering for men. Summer layering will make your outfit look interesting and fresh, transitioning your day-time wear to night-time without much effort!

Combine T-Shirts with Loose Collared Shirts

Here is the main tip I want you to take away. T-shirts and shirts. Shirts and t-shirts! The combination looks great, keeps you cool, and if you need to look a bit smarter in the evening? You Just button that shirt up and bing, bang boom you’re ready to go. Sorted!

Top Tip: Keep things extra casual with a Cuban collar shirt unbuttoned over the top of your tee. We recommend you keep the t-shirt plain and let the shirt stand out. Read more about how to wear Cuban collars here.

Man stood on a street in Miami. He is wearing a blue cuban collar shirt undone, with a white t-shirt underneath. Both are tucked into his black trousers and his hands are in his pockets.

Get A Lightweight Summer Jacket

Like to keep things simple but get too cold once the sun goes down? Your answer is a thin jacket (duh). Perfect in the summer and keeping you warm in the evening. These jackets are versatile and can be worn with almost anything. Just make sure your jeans are a different shade of denim if you want to break the 101 rule and go for double denim with a denim jacket. As long as they’re different colours you’ll pull this look off no problem.

Top Tip: Try to opt for a lightweight jacket when summer layering, this means you can stow it away when the sun’s blazing and get it out as soon as things cool down slightly. We also recommend you go for suitable colours (like the beige Ralph Lauren jacket below) as you’ll be able to wear it with more of your wardrobe.

A man is stood on a beach in Miami. He's wearing a thin jacket, a striped t-shirt and black shorts.

Own A Thin Raincoat

In Britain, even though it’s hot doesn’t mean it’s not going to rain. You need to be prepared for a short drizzle no matter what time of the year, so Mainline Menswear recommend a good quality, thin raincoat when it comes to summer layering. Thin enough that you won’t overheat, but also perfect for short spells of cloudy weather. Match with jeans then your t-shirt and shirt combo to complete the outfit.

Top Tip: Bucket hats are in this year and make for a great summer accessories. They protect your head in both the rain and the sun! So don’t be afraid to complete your summer raincoat look with a reliable bucket hat.

A young man is looking beyond the camera. He is wearing a blue k-way rain jacket, a red bucket hat and a black K-Way logo tshirt

Ditch the Rucksacks & Opt For Bum Bags

Okay, a bit of a wildcard here. But as we explained in this post about how to rock your favourite bum bag, these are perfect to keep hand free whilst having the essentials. You don’t need to be carrying a big bulky backpack when you’re summer layering, so pick up a designer bum bag and wear it crossbody to stay on trend whilst maintaining functionality this year.

A blue, red and white Tommy Hilfiger bum bag

Final Tips

If you’re still unsure on summer layering, try to concentrate on colours and the fabrics you’re using. Go for lightweight clothing in cotton and make sure your outfits breathable before you take on the day. And remember to stay hydrated while you’re out and about in the sunshine.


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