Men: How to Wear Short-Sleeved Shirts

Written by Marc | 20/05/2019


How To

The short-sleeved shirt has been dragged through the mud in the past. Commonly thought of as scruffy, and the kind of thing your dad wears when he wants to look casual and “cool” on holiday. Well, here at Mainline Menswear we say, no more! The short-sleeved shirt has undergone a renaissance for SS19, and with the right technique can make you look stylish this summer with minimal effort.

But how do you wear a short-sleeved shirt? And how do you look smart with a short sleeve? Here we go through a few simple tips and tricks to teach you how.

Make Sure They Fit

This tip seems a little obvious, but it’s important enough to mention. If your short-sleeved shirt is either too tight or too baggy you will look silly. Make sure the fit is slim but not fitting. How do you know if your shirt fits properly? You will know your shirt fits you properly if you can button the neck comfortably and the chest buttons aren’t stretched if you move your arms.

Man smiling wearing a hugo boss short sleeve shirt

NEVER Do Up All Your Buttons

Not that we want to pull off a Tom Selleck vibe here, but never wear your short-sleeved shirt with the collar button done. It is always going to be a casual look, and you’ll make things confusing if you try to wear a short-sleeved shirt formally.

Instead, keep things loose and casual with the top button or (gasp) even the next couple of buttons undone.

Man lying on a hammock wearing a white short sleeve lacoste shirt

How Do You Wear A Short-Sleeve Shirt with Shorts?

This is the easiest look to pull off and is perfect for summer. No longer associated with holiday Dads at the caravan park, short-sleeved shirts + shorts is a perfect hot-weather look. Try to go for mid-length shorts, and don’t wear brightly patterned shorts so your shirt can be the centrepiece of the outfit. Finish off with some classic sunglasses and a pair of white trainers and you are officially beach ready.

How Do You Wear Short-Sleeved Shirts with Jeans?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, bold prints are IN for SS19, so be brave when picking your day-to-day shirts. Patterned short-sleeved shirts are a perfect option for the weekend and the best choice for experimenting with different prints and colours. Match with dark jeans and boat shoes for a look that makes you seem like you put in a lot more effort than you actually did.

Two men wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt

How to Layer with A Short Sleeved Shirt?

If your shirt is a little too bold for comfort, you can “dim it down” so to speak by wearing your short-sleeved shirt open with a white t-shirt underneath (please don’t forget the t-shirt, it’s an important aspect) to break up the pattern. Get some inspiration in our Short Sleeve Shirts Guide!


To Recap

  • Keep the fit slim.
  • Keep the look casual with the collar button undone.
  • Short-sleeved shirts look great with jeans, trousers or shorts!
  • Wear a short sleeve shirt as a layering accessory over a t-shirt.

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