Men: The Latest Trainers Trends You Have to Follow

Written by Marc | 28/08/2019


Viral Trends

Our extensive collection of designer trainers changes weekly, upgrading you with the latest trends and newest silhouettes. But what should you be picking this year? Here we go through the latest trainers’ trends you have to follow.

White Adidas Trainers

Chunky Trainers Reign Supreme

Nothing’s changed here. Chunky trainers were seen everywhere last year, and it looks like they’re here to stay. The general rule with these retro-infused silhouettes is the bigger the better, so don’t be afraid to get chunky with your trainers this summer and go big.

Reebok Chunky Trainers

White Is Alright

While we wait for the sun to come back, the easiest way to brighten up your outfit is a pair of sparkling white trainers. Easy to match, and available from a wide range of designers (including Nike, adidas and Hugo Boss) the white trainer is a popular choice for SS19 and perfect for the warmer weather.

A Flash of Colour Is Okay Too

You don’t have to go all white though, and trainers are getting bolder this year. A statement shoe is not a bad route to go down, with loud colours featuring in all our favourites, from Nike to Adidas Kamandas’.

Adidas Kamanda 01 Trainers Orange

90s Vibes

Another particularly sticky trend is trainers injected with a healthy dose of 90s. This decade was a fantastic time for sneakers everywhere, from the Air Jordan Vs to the Nike Air Max 95s. Embrace the cheese that is the 90s and make retro styles your new best friend when looking for your next pair of trainers. Playful colours and chunky silhouettes all add up with this trend to provide you with a fresh look for your casual wardrobe.

Nike Air Span 2 Trainers Grey

Simple but Smart Trainers

Our last trend may not be the most exciting but it’s our favourite for the new season. Minimalist trainers are coming back in fashion, and less really is more. Grensons have nailed this look with their collection of simple trainers in black, blue, brown and white. The beauty of these trainers is that they look smart, meaning they can take you from day to night with ease. They also match with anything, so feel free to wear a statement shirt if you have a pair of minimalistic trainers on your feet that will help keep the look subtle. And don’t worry if the weather is against you. We’ve drawn up a guide to the best winter trainers around. Take a look!

Grenson Sneaker 1 Trainers Blue

Which pair is your favourite? From Nike trainers to Grenson, shop our collection of designer trainers today.





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