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Written by Marc | 14/08/2019


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Fast Fashion sure does have its advantages, but the best items in your wardrobe are no doubt investment pieces. But which designer brands have lifetime guarantees? These are the clothes, boots and accessories that will stand up to the test of time and last you years rather than months. The kind of boots you’ll never need to replace, the jacket that can put up with any weather, the backpack you can stuff a small library’s worth of books into.

Here we list with fashion items will last you a lifetime, helping you find the toughest clothes, accessories and shoes we have available. These are the brands that all provide lifetime warranties, so you needn’t worry about replacing them well… Ever!

Wax Is Back

A good waxed jacket will be reliant and keep you dry in those winter showers. Waxed jackets are renowned for being thick and tough (much like the bullies at school) and will last you years whilst all other jackets start to fade and look worn.

Our favourite waxed jackets come from the experts: Belstaff. Because it needs to be kept waxed to stay waterproof, Belstaff offers complimentary relaxing on their signature 6 oz. waxed jackets. Barbour also offers a re-waxing service for £35 in their South Shields factory, where it will be lovingly brought back to life – meaning it will even last you longer with a bit of TLC. This is a far cheaper option than buying a new jacket every time, helping you save money and stay dry.

Tough Backpacks

Not quite a lifetime, but coming with a 30-year guarantee, Eastpak certainly have your back. Featuring a laptop compartment, water resistant and 100% vegan, this Eastpak backpack is perfect whatever the occasion.

Man holding Eastoak duffle bag

Quality Denim

A good pair of jeans will see you through most occasions and once you’ve found your perfect fit it’s hard to let go when they start to get holes.

Designer jeans are higher quality, so bound to last longer. Yet denim isn’t armour, and even the most expensive pair of jeans will eventually get a little worn.

So why let go? Nudie Jeans offer free repairs for life. Every pair of nudie jeans comes with a promise of free repairs. No matter when or where you got them. Their jeans are meant to be worn and they use high-quality fabrics and top class sewing. Coming in a range of styles, you’ll be able to find the perfect pair that will last you a lifetime.

A pair of Grim Tim Nudie Jeans

Leather Sandals

We’ve all fallen victim of cheap sandals breaking apart (usually while you’re in a very public place with no hope of replacing them). Instead of buying a new pair every time the sun comes out, a good pair of leather sandals will last summer after summer and become your favourite go-to when the heat arrives.

Whilst not offering a lifetime guarantee, customers are certainly happy with them. Claiming that they have lasted forever and with a few resoles they probably can. Birkenstocks have been making footwear since 1774, so they must be doing something right. As long as you take good care of them, they’ll see you through the warm weather for years to come.

Birkenstock Sandals


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