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Written by Marc | 17/06/2019


Style Icon

Arsenal full-back and Spain international Hétor Bellerín has recently gained himself the recognition as a true style icon. Featuring in British Vogue and with rumours of a clothing collaboration coming, he’s a man who’s into his fashion and he oozes style. Pulling away from the stereotypical footballer dress style, he wears exactly what he wants when he wants, which is something we can all get behind.

The footballer’s dress sense often leans towards elements of a streetwear style, with an edgy finish to most outfits, he is a fantastic fashion role model and one that we should be paying attention to on and off the pitch. Here are our tips on how to dress more Bellerín.

Print Shirts

With his daring sunglasses collection and bright taste in clothes, Pace-merchant Bellerín is no stranger to a vibrant and out-there print shirt. Héctor’s Instagram alone boasts several occasions where he has bossed the printed shirt look. By buttoning down his shorts and often opting for a Cuban collar on his printed shirts, he perfects the lightweight, casual summer vibe.

Trousers & Sneaker Combo

Something I’m very much for is the combination of well-fitted trousers that are cropped and checked or striped, finished off with a white sneaker. Héctor is the king of finishing off outfits with the infamous white trainers look. A clean but smart and classy style that he has mastered. White trainers provide an unplanned edge to an outfit that makes you look more relaxed and (in the words of our founding Father Beyoncé) like you woke up like dis.

Hector wearing trousers and trainers
[Image: Instagram]

Hoodies, Overcoats and Mastering Layers

Often seen sporting a flawless overcoat with an oversized hoodie, Héctor is excellent at layering up during the colder months. More layers is an excuse to show off how well you dress, with carefully picked complimentary pieces. He is a true seasoned professional at highlighting how to look very cool whilst staying very warm.

Retro-Style Sportswear

Héctor showed us perfectly how to pull off the vintage sportswear vibe. With baggy pullover jackets and matching old-style tracksuits topped off with a bucket hat, the Spaniard treated his almost 3 million Instagram followers to a masterclass in retro sportswear excellence.


Born in Barcelona but now living in London, Bellerín must protect his hair from the unpredictable British weather somehow, and his vast collection of hats is the perfect way to do so. Whilst we don’t all have that long flowing mane of hair that Héctor flaunts to the world, this doesn’t mean you can’t replicate his headwear. Often photographed in a bucket hat, beanie or cap, he is a firm believer that a hat can be very important to finishing off an outfit.

To Conclude

It’s undeniable that Héctor Bellerín is a style icon. Apparently taking criticism in the changing rooms for his style off his teammates, Héctor sets the positive example of wearing what he wants and not caring what anybody thinks about it. Any hatred towards his dress sense is probably marred with an element of jealousy from those who can’t get away with his choices. With a bit of courage and careful selection, you could replicate Héctor Bellerín’s style.


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