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Written by Marc | 05/04/2019


Style Icon

The webs slinging actor Tom Holland has risen rapidly in popularity over the past year. Becoming the world’s youngest leading actor to be chosen for the role of Spiderman. Now you may think it’s Toby Maguire who’s got all the style, but here we go through why Tom’s simple dress sense makes him Mainline Menswear’s latest style icon.

All Black

This all black outfit is simple, suave and very easy to pull off. Tonal dressing is in this season, and wearing all of one colour has never been more popular. Of course, the most popular hue to pick is black, which is exactly what Tom has done here – but you could be braver with blues, pastels or even brighter shades.

Tonal dressing can be in danger of looking quite bland due to the same colours, the key to avoiding this is to go for different textiles. Like Tom’s denim jeans and cotton shirt.

Tom Holland in black jacket and top

[Image: Instagram]

Business Prep

Tom is certainly making an impact in this outfit styled by Christine Nelli. The business chinos matched with a casual white tee and trainers are the perfect combination to make a statement and are a leading trend for SS19.

To nail this look, follow Tom Holland’s lead and break one of fashion’s 101 rules by mixing businesswear with casual. Think blazers + t-shirts, jeans + shirts and chinos + simple tees.

Chinos & A T Shirt

[Image: Instagram]

Blazer & Tee

Running with the same theme, we are once again mixing business with casual with Tom’s double-breasted blazer and red t-shirt. Ties and buttondown shirts are forgotten to give this timeless look a modern twist.

double breasted suit

[Image: Instagram]

It’s All About the Layers

Now moving onto an all casual outfit. What Tom has done to make a simple outfit pop is to layer by adding an opened buttoned shirt over his black t-shirt. So next time you put on your casual t-shirt and jeans (which, let’s face it, is often our go-to choice), consider adding a shirt over the top to provide a Holland-style upgrade to your day-to-day outfit.

layered look

[Image: Instagram]


What’s your favourite outfit from our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman? From simple tees to business twists, we’re happy to say Tom Holland’s style is reigning supreme.


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