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Men’s boots are a must-have for any wardrobe. There are few examples of footwear that are as durable and reliable as boots. A good pair of boots can take you from work to the weekend without much trouble. From smart-casual to semi-formal, as long as you’re wearing the right type, men’s boots can be very versatile.

But how to wear men’s boots? What type of boots should you wear for work? Here we’ll take you through the different styles of boots available to men, and what you should be picking no matter the outfit.

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How To Wear Work Boots

Work boots are big, chunky and no longer just for construction sites. Despite the name we don’t recommend you pick work boots for your office wear (unless your office is casual with uniforms) and these are best paired with an every-day look.

Slim jeans, a t-shirt and your favourite casual jacket are perfect for work boots. We recommend you go for brown work boots in order to make it easy to match.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots

Men’s Chelsea boots have risen in popularity over the years and for good reason. Sleek, minimal and slimming, Chelsea boots are perfect for a semi-formal look.

If you are going for semi-formal, try buying Chelsea boots in a dark shade. Brown, black and dark burgundy will all work. You can also opt for suede Chelsea boots to make things even more formal. Match with a roll neck jumper, black jeans, or even a suit to complete this look.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots can also be worn casually. In which case light brown Chelsea boots will work best, matched with jeans and a jumper or a t-shirt and a jacket. We mentioned earlier that boots are very versatile, so no matter what you pick things will probably match. One rule of thumb is to just make sure your trousers pass the top of your Chelsea boots. This look won’t work if we can see your socks!

How To Wear Timberland Boots

One of the most popular brands for boots, Men’s Timberland boots are instantly recognisable. But how do you match Timberland boots with your outfit? Well, the iconic Timberland 6-inch premium boots are great for your casual day-to-day wardrobe. Just make sure to cuff your trousers so you can show these boots off.

Timberland Boots

How To Wear Combat Boots

Taking inspiration from the army, combat boots are a statement piece that add a rugged look to your outfit. These means you shouldn’t be reaching for a  pair of these if you want to look semi-forma, but are great for statement outfits on a night out.

Match with an edgy design, stick to dark clothes, leather jackets and denim to pull off men’s combat boots.

How Should My Boots Fit?

Just like all your shoes, your boots should feel snug on your feet. But provide a bit of breathing room for your ankle and toes. If you can fit a finger behind the heel without squashing your toes then your boots are probably the right size.

work boots

Final Tips

Need to know which pair of boots to wear quickly? Then here are our top tips:

* Chelsea boots are the best choice for formal occasions and can be paired with suits, blazers and roll-neck jumpers with ease.

* Combat boots are a statement piece and should be paired with heavy-duty fabrics such as denim and leather.

* Timberland 6-inch boots for men, as well as work boots, are easy choices for your every-day casual wear.

* Darker coloured boots are the best choices for office wear.

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