What Men Should Wear to The Airport

Written by Marc | 15/07/2019


How To

Airports have tricky fashion rules. It’s probably the only place you’re likely to see men in smart business suits and boys in garish lad’s holiday tees, complete with depraving nicknames. There isn’t a set standard when it comes to dressing for the airport, but here at Mainline Menswear we think you should look casually smart (not the same as smart-casual, I promise), feel comfortable, and be able to get through airport security as quickly as possible (that means no change in your pockets, guys). Here we go through what to wear at the airport, from making you look presentable to also keeping you comfortable when you get that 2 hours delayed call.

A white shirt, blue t-shirt and Tommy Hilfiger shirt are folded neatly next to a baseball cap.


Chinos and a button-down shirt take the number one spot for airport outfits men look good in. This is a well-put-together look that requires minimal effort and is comfortable to boot. Also, chinos (when fitted correctly) don’t need a belt, meaning you won’t have one to take off at security. Win-Win.

We’ve talked about how chinos should fit earlier this year, and here is everything you need to know about button-down shirts. The basics are to keep your chinos neutral with browns and blacks, and then match with a plain button-down shirt in a shade that you prefer. Think pastel blues and sage green for complimenting colours.

If It’s Going to Get Hot

Sure, it might be raining in Britain, but if you’re on your way to somewhere sunny then you might want to dress for the weather there not here. In that case, keep things smart but comfortable with chino shorts and a Cuban collar shirt. We’ve discussed in length why we think Cuban collars are your best go-to shirt here, and this look is beach ready whilst at the same time making you look presentable. Layer the look with a plain white T-shirt and an unbuttoned Cuban collar over the top just in case it’s cold in the airport.

A man sat on the beach in Miami wearing a blue Cuban collar, beige shorts and brown boat shoes.

The Shoes

Airport security is going to make you take your shoes off at some point, so let’s make things easier for everyone by wearing shoes that you can easily slip on and off. Loafers and boat shoes are a great option here, as they forgo the laces and are easy to take on and off. It’s practically like you’re wearing slippers out, but smart slippers. Just make sure you’re wearing liner socks so, while no one can see them, your feet will still keep cool and comfortable.

So What To Wear At The Airport?

Here are our final top tips for all your airport attire for men:

  • Avoid belts
  • Wear slip-on shoes without laces
  • Chinos are more comfortable (and smarter) than jeans
  • Layer up to help you keep warm or cool depending on the temperature
  • Take a small carry-on bag with sunglasses prepped


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