1920s Fashion Tips To Take Into The 2020s

Written by Marc | 08/01/2020


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The roaring 20s are making a come back now that 2020 is upon us. It’s official, the internet has spoken. So, let’s start the new decade right, with high-end fashion choices and a few calculated risks. Here we’ll go through what men were wearing in the 1920s, and if there are any titbits you can take away.

1920s fashion was a time of dapper elegance; think Peaky Blinders or The Great Gatsby. To put it simply, suits were your everyday look. Smart-casual, casual, smart: a suit was the key piece you’d be wearing no matter what the occasion. Now that’s great if you want to, but we’re going to suggest a more subtle approach with your 20s inspired clothes.


[Image: Pinterest]

After WWI pullover sweaters took over men’s fashion. Wild prints were bold, with thick cable stitched collars and wide rib cuffs. Bright patterns, and button-down cardigans were popular, but we suggest you keep things modern with logo printed jumpers matched with jeans and Chelsea boots. Or, if that’s not 20s enough for you, try a loud pattern like this crew neck fleece from Billionaire Boys Club.

A Billionaire Boys Club jumper with a bark print in brown and black


[Image: Pinterest]

A classic 1920s piece is a long wool coat. Past the knees is a must, and trench coats are excellent for lightweight option. But if you really want to go all out a long (heavy) wool coat is the smart piece that goes great with your office wear.

Overcoats are an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Functional and flattering, overcoats are the smart option when it comes to keeping warm. Wear yours to work, winter weddings, or even as an upgrade for your casual wardrobe.

A Farah Vintage Ruxton Overcoat in grey against a white background.


No. Don’t, ever.


Back then men really did love to accessories. Neckties, collar pins, shoe spats, bow ties, pocket watches and canes were all popular accessories for men in the 20s. Now we’d all appreciate a cane when we’re battling through Ikea’s one way system chaos, but otherwise I’d leave the batting sticks at home. Instead opt for a more subtle (and arguably, maybe, more useful) accessory and incorporate a bag into your outfits. A modern look is a cross body bag, which we discuss in more detail here.

A black Barbour International cross body bag.


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