The Top 5 2020 Fashion Trends For Men

Written by Marc | 06/01/2020


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With the new decade starting, it would be remiss of us to not talk about men’s fashion trends. It’s time to wrap up 2019, and boy did a lot happen. From Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress and Rebecca Black releasing “Friday,” to the Harambe memes (RIP) and everyone planking everywhere (yea, bet you forgot that happened), there’s a lot to put away from the last ten years.

To make things easy for you (clothing wise at least) we’re going to go through the latest fashion trends that are seeping from 2019 into the 2020s, and what we think you should take with you into the next decade.


Starting with what use to be the least fashionable item you could go for; vests have been seen everywhere on the catwalk. From knitted to mesh, it’s time to say goodbye to sleeves and unleash those arms when the weather turns warmer.

Three adidas vests piled neatly on top of each other.

Cross Body Bags

Man-bags are no longer a stigma now that we’re living in the future. Cross body bags are an excellent accessory to add to your everyday wardrobe that keep your belongings safe and sound whilst making you look like you really know how to put an outfit together. Win-win!

A blue The North Face cross body bag

Dad Jeans

It’s time to celebrate, Dad jeans are back and here to stay. The slightly baggy, definitely too short, high-waisted fit shouldn’t work. Written down it sounds insane; but Dad jeans provide an extremely flattering silhouette for all and work for multiple occasions. Here we go through how to wear Dad jeans.

A close up of a pair of blue Emporio Armani jeans

Cuban Collar Shirts

We’ve talked about Cuban collar shirts a lot already (exhibit A) and with good reason. Stylish, with a comfortable fit, Cuban collar shirts are also great for a wide range of looks. Keep things smart with subtle block colours, or go for a party vibe with loud prints. Cuban collars have seeped in from 2019 to rein supreme in 2020.

A white Levis cuban collar shirt with bright parrots printed onto it

Oversized Oxford Shirts

You know what’s cool? Clothes that are too big for you. Now maybe that sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but large fits are in this season. Consider it a little nod to 80s fashion, with large adding a new twist to your everyday wardrobe.

A light olive Farah shirt folded neatly against a pink background

What are you looking forward to most in the 2020s? For me, it’s the hem of my Dad jeans staying dry whilst I wade through the steadily rising sea levels. But no matter what the new decade brings, we hope you get creative with your fashion choices.


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