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Written by Marc | 24/07/2020


Style Icon

With over 72 million followers on Instagram and Twitter, Drake just always seems to lead the people to the next big thing. From his early fame in Canada in the 2000s to his widely renowned collection of trimmers, he has been continuously causing waves in the music industry since 2010, and it doesn’t look like this star isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Just like his career and dating record, Drake’s style is rapidly evolving and is only getting better. With his recently found love for London and the grime scene, his style has taken to a whole new level and has not only globalised this already massive British trend, but truly defined Drake as a fashion force to be reckoned with. Following the star, we are going to decipher some of his looks so you too can start from the bottom till you’re here.

Outfit 1: Tonal Dressing

We’re starting bold with this all white look. Like us, you probably wake up every morning wondering, how do I wear white like Drake? Look no further. Wearing white can be difficult; I know it and sadly so do you. Whether it’s the penultimate stain of food, grass stains or the heart-breaking patch that is your Mrs’ make up, wearing white is hard. We’re going to take a page from our style icon but break it up with some jeans.

Drake wearing a white beanie with a white hoodie

[Image: Instagram]

Drake can wear white head to toe, but for most of us, denim is a perfect way to loosen the look and reduce the surface area. A white hoodie on t-shirt look gives you the perfect weapon to hide any mishaps.

Outfit 2: Branded

Our next look is also brave, with Drake dressed head to toe in Nike. Picking one brand and sticking to it is a sure fire way to get people’s attention. It makes a big statement without having to try hard, just pick a brand and stay with it.

Drake sat at a table wearing Nike clothing

[Image: Instagram]

Outfit 3: Double Denim

Moving on to something a little more subtle, double denim is no longer the fashion faux pas we grew up with. Take a tip from Drake and match dark denim with light to create an easy look for the pub or a trip to town.

Drake wearing black jeans with a denim jacket walking down a corridor

[Image: Instagram]

Which is your favourite Drake outfit? From tonal dressing to mobile Nike advertisement, shop the look today and make yourself the next style icon amongst your peers just like Drake.

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