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Written by Marc | 18/05/2020


Style Icon

Let’s get one thing straight from the off, no one can ever totally compare to Dwayne Johnson. He’s 6 ft 5, built like a Greek god and has the charisma to match. However, one thing we can take from ‘The Rock’ is his effortless style.

Johnson is unquestionably a style icon, whether it be his trademark muscle tees or the finest of three-piece suits, ‘The Great One’ (yes, that’s a nickname he legitimately goes by, well deserved if you ask me) has a sharp style that is simple yet effective. The designer brands flaunted by Johnson are, of course, at the height of anyone’s price range, however, his attire can be mirrored through Mainline Menswear’s wide range of stylish alternatives.

Fitted Tee’s

The easiest and most popular choice for The Rock is a plain tight fitted T-shirt. It’s comfortable, it’s clean and it’s fresh. The muscle-fitting T-shirt is the ideal start to replicating Dwayne Johnson’s look. The WWE wrestler turned movie star often opts for the simple tee, not only to boast his ridiculous physique but to maintain a clean, simple and stylish look.

This classic look is ideal for most casual occasions. The versatility of the design, however, comes with what trousers, jeans or shorts you decide to pair it with. A black-on-black combination (casually demonstrated by The Rock down below) is always one of great success. This style can be mirrored with our exclusive Boss crew neck t-shirts, helping you achieve that casual but stylish look.

[Photo: Instagram]

Cosy Chinos

A key aspect of Rocky’s style is his choice of trousers, very rarely going for jeans or tracksuit bottoms, instead choosing a more formal option with designer chinos or even patterned suit trousers. For this look, however, a pair of Boss Chinos in black is perfect to partner with an Armani Exchange t-shirt. Finish off this simple outfit with a pair of designer trainers to make things more casual.

The Suit

Now we’re going to need to get formal to truly emulate The Rock, and to do this there’s no way around it you NEED a wavy suit. A suit that connotes wealth and prestige, this Hugo Boss suit jacket in blue may not help you look quite as buff as Dwayne, but we’re sure he’d approve nevertheless.

[Photo: Instagram]

Signature Tank Tops

Johnson’s uncanny ability to pull off literally anything he wears is quite impressive, however, notice how he never dresses ridiculously flamboyantly like some of his fellow A-List celebs? One of his signature tank tops appears more than enough to make the man look as fly as possible.

[Photo: Instagram]

To replicate this style look no further than our triple-pack designer vests from Vivienne Westwood, though we don’t recommend the crocodile. This light vest t-shirt is perfect for that casual, sporty look. With Mainline Menswear’s vast array of vest t-shirts, the look can be mixed and matched in all sorts of variations until you’re feeling as confident as Dwayne Johnson.

Again, the confidence that Johnson possesses is crucial when recreating his look, so whatever style of his you go for, be prepared to strut like The Rock.

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