How to Break in Your Birkenstocks Fast

Written by Bronwen | 14/08/2020


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Commitment, dedication, courage. These are the qualities you need to be able to break in your new Birkenstocks. The comfiest sandals out there take a bit of work when you first get them. The footbed eventually moulds to your foot, meaning it will feel like you’re walking on air. Here I’ve done the time and research with my own to help you know how to break in your Birkenstocks fast. (You’re welcome.)

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The break-in process can take 2-3 weeks, so you need to sit yourself down and promise your feet you won’t give up on them. ‘You’ve got this feet. I believe in you. I would walk 500 miles for you, and then I would walk 500 more.’ This is the attitude we need to take forward. If you’re committed, then eventually they will form to your feet and be the comfiest shoes you own.

So, how do I break in my Birkenstocks?

  1. Make sure you’ve got the right size. Yea, this might seem pretty obvious, but if your feet keep slipping over the footbed things are going to get achy later on.
  2. Gently bend the sandals to loosen that sole.
  3. Walk around the house in your Birkenstocks. The cork footbed can be tough at first, it needs to soften and shape around your feet. Keep walking around the house in them so you can get use to the feeling.
  4. Break the cardinal rule of sandals and wear your Birkenstocks with thick socks so you can avoid hot spots and stretch them out a bit.
  5. If you do feel yourself getting hotspots, try tightening the straps.
  6. Apply plasters to hotspots before they turn into blisters.
  7. Don’t go on huge walks with your Birkenstocks at first. Just short little trips around the block until you’ve got a feel of them.
  8. Each day wear your Birkenstocks for half an hour longer than you did the day before, until eventually you’re wearing them for a few hours a day.
  9. Take your Birkenstocks off if you’re starting to get blisters and let your feet rest.
  10. If the leather straps are causing hotspots, gently bend them before putting them on.

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Why do you need to break in Birkenstocks?

Well, apart from the fact we do this with all shoes, Birkenstocks are that little bit special in that once you’ve broken them in, they’ll feel custom made. You’ll even be able to see your foot imprint on the cork. No other feet will fit into your Birkenstocks as well as your own, you will become the Cinderella of your particular pair of Birkenstocks. Making them worth the initial work when you first get them.

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