Style Hack: How To Wear A Polo Shirt

Written by Marc | 17/08/2020


How To

Polo shirts are an ideal choice for your casual clothing. But how do you wear a polo shirt? To keep things simple, the shirt should not reach halfway past your butt. Leave your polo shirt untucked and let it sit just below your waistband/belt line. Easy, right? Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, we’ll go through our favourite ways to style your polo shirt and some simple do’s and don’ts.

A man is stood with his hands in his pockets, wearing a polo Lacoste polo shirt and some matching joggers.

The Casual Polo

Unless you dress the rest of your outfit to match your casual vibe, this isn’t going to work. Avoid anything tailored/structured such as chinos and blazers. Pick something comfortable, like a pair of designer joggers. Match with your favourite pair of Vans and you’re good to go.

A man is sat on the ground looking at the camera. He is wearing a red Lacoste polo shirt with jogging bottoms and a black baseball cap.

If you’re more of a jean’s kind of guy, try pairing your polo shirt with some ripped skinny jeans to keep that casual edge. For colder weather, throw a bomber jacket over the top to avoid looking over dressed.

Smart Casual Looks

This is the occasion polo shirts were made for! Pair with some chinos and a pair of smart shoes for the perfect smart casual outfit. Try opting for a dark polo shirt and keep the chinos light to keep that relaxed yet put together element. Making sure you strike the right balance with shoes is also key for the perfect smart casual look. If the outfit is looking too formal, pair with some white trainers.

A man wearing a red and white striped polo shirt and some brown chinos.

The Smart Polo

This is probably the hardest polo shirt look to pull off but is still possible. Pair with some light suit trousers and a blazer for a put together look. Add some formal loafers into the mix and you’re ready for that lunch meeting. If you want to dress the look down a bit then opt for a white trainers rather than your formal shoes for a look that will take you from day to night. Also, do not wear a tie. NO. No ties with polo shirts; it’s like wearing sunglasses at night – no one likes that guy.


The Dos & Don’ts of Polo Shirts

  • DO wear fitted polo shirts. They shouldn’t be too tight, but they definitely can’t be baggy (it’ll look scruffy).
  • DON’T layer your polo shirts. Stick to one, please.
  • DO tuck your polo shirt in if you need to look a bit smarter.
  • DON’T pop your collar. Seriously, don’t do this.

A Lacoste polo shirt draped over a metal bar.

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