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Written by Marc | 29/04/2020


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From delivering a Cornish pasty to Aberdeenshire to convincing the Metro he’d put his mother in a skip, Greg James has taught us all how to love mornings. Or at the very least, he’s made them a little bit funnier. He doesn’t just have a face for Radio though, and today we’d like to go through why the Radio 1 DJ is our latest Style Icon. With simple choices and a knack for picking flattering cuts, we’ve gone through some of our favourite Greg James outfits to give you a bit of inspiration.

All Black

The fact that he was meeting the UK’s highest-paid model might have played a small influence here, but Greg has certainly dressed well for radio with our first outfit. All black is easy to match(duh), sophisticated and a great look to take from day to night. We also love the Cuban collar for a relaxed yet put-together look – great holiday vibes, Greg.

Greg James is stood next to a model wearing a black cuban collar shirt and black jeans

[Image: Instagram]

Contrasting Colours

For the GQ Awards, you need to go the extra mile, and Greg has aced it with a burgundy blazer and contrasting orange bowtie. Bold and bright, going for an alternative colour with your blazers and accessories is an easy way to stand out at formal events.

Greg James is stood in front of the camera wearing a burgundy blazer and an orange bow tie.

[Image: Instagram]

Quick Layering

Simple and easy to pull off, here the DJ has gone for a plain white t-shirt, upgraded with a button-up shirt. Greg is definitely a fan of this blue shirt in particular, and is seen in it often – but we suppose you get away with that sort of thing when you’re on the radio. Either way, we don’t mind, as blue is a flattering shade and a great go-to if you’re not sure what colours suit you best. Layering is also the quickest way to make plain outfits look interesting with zero effort. We’ve been through how to do this before, but for some quick tips just take a page out of Greg’s book and add a colourful shirt with your t-shirts.

Greg James is stood between two men wearing black. He is wearing a plain white t-shirt, a blue unbuttoned shirt and black jeans.

[Image: Instagram]

Bright Statement Pieces

Why hellooo Jill! We all know Greg is a BIG fan of Ainsley Harriot (I can hear his voice in this photo) but who knew Greg was fond of statement fashion pieces too? The orange jumper is a bold choice and it works because he’s played it safe with the rest of his outfit. Opting for one solid bright colour is a great way to give your everyday-wardrobe a bit of zest. Just make sure you stick to neutral colours (like black jeans) for the rest of your ensemble.

[Image: Instagram]

Interesting Cuts

Our last outfit is secretly showing off how much we love Bella’s sunglasses, headband and jumper combo (but alas, this blog is not about Bella) though Greg has been good enough to match with his own turtle neck jumper. Turtlenecks are often forgotten in favour of the more common crew neck, but this only helps you stand out whilst making the need for a scarf redundant. Smart thinking, Greg!

Greg James is stood in front of his wife Bella in Italy. Bella is wering an orange turtle neck jumper, an orange headband and large sunglasses. Greg is wearing a blue turtle neck jumper.

[Image: Instagram]

Final Thoughts

So what can we learn from Greg James’s wardrobe? Firstly, to not worry too much about what you’re picking. Subtle colours, cosy jumpers and easy t-shirt and shirt combos are all great picks that everyone can pull off. Greg’s fashion sense is something you should feel safe to follow, but there are still a few daring picks that make things more exciting.

The main point we’d like to take away here is that it doesn’t matter what you wear (and not just because you’re on the radio) as long as you come with a bright enough energy any outfit will shine through, even if it is very early in the morning.

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