What To Wear: HUGO Loves Bowie

Written by Bronwen | 24/01/2020



Available online with Mainline Menswear, the ‘HUGO Loves Bowie’ collection pays homage to the late David Bowie and his peerless style. One of the past decades most beloved musicians, Bowie wasn’t afraid to take risks in his fashion choices. Bright colours, gender-defying pieces and tight tights were all popular choices for the musician.

A man is sat on a bench wearing a leather jacket, t-shirt and black jeans from Hugo

I’ve always been a massive fan of David Bowie. Haven’t we all? Which is why it’s a pleasant surprise that HUGO, a branch of the German brand Hugo Boss, has paid tribute to the late singer with their new line of unisex jumpers and t-shirts.

The capsule features Bowie’s album cover for Heroes, an album that was originally inspired by the German capital. The singer’s rebel spirit has been infused in this limited collection, providing his powers of self-expression and inspiration.

A man is lounging on a chair wearing a Hugo t-shirt

Shop the HUGO Loves Bowie collection online with Mainline Menswear today, and get your hands on this limited line.


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